Basketball Exercises | RSC Single Leg Stability Hops

Basketball Exercises | RSC Single Leg Stability Hops

18th Jan 2019

RSC Single Leg Stability Hops

The only way athletes can advance in their particular sport is to challenge their body to perform movements that test balance, strength, and power. Different basketball techniques for training are extremely advantageous for creating more explosiveness and strength in athletes. Basketball exercises which challenge a single limbs ability to control a normally bilateral (both limbs) will help to strengthen that particular limb to balance and explode when driving through contact to the basket, or trying to recover after gaining control of a loose ball.

Calf Workouts And Basketball Exercises

The bodies’ stretch reflex is a mechanism inside of the bodies’ muscles which help athletes to load, and then release large amounts of energy, like a rubber band stretching and then releasing. This stored energy is mainly kept in the calves and quadricep muscle meaning that isolated quadricep and calf workouts are essential for any routine of basketball exercises. Calf workouts will allow athletes to build up the explosive power to soar high toward the rim or catch up to, and block an opponent who has stolen the basketball and taken off toward the athletes’ goal.

Although calf workouts, like calf raises, can be a good way to increase the overall amount of energy which can be stored in the muscle, different single legged basketball exercises can help the muscles in the legs to gain more functional strength and explosive abilities.

Simple calf workouts include standing and hopping up and down on one foot, hopping side to side on one foot, or hopping forward and backwards on one foot. A great calf workout can be performed with the Kbands Speed Jump Rope. These different single legged and double legged jumping calf workouts can be performed with the Kbands Speed Jump Rope. The advantage to using the Kbands Speed Jump Rope for your calf workouts is the amount of speed and fast twitch muscle fibers that will be activated through the jump rope calf workouts. Athletes can go to the Training Section to learn more calf workouts for speed, agility, and vertical jumping ability, as well as go to the Shop Section to learn more about the Kbands Speed Jump Rope.

Basketball Exercises: RSC Single Leg Stability Hops

To perform the RSC Single Leg Stability Hops athletes will need two Speed and Agility Cones, a Reactive Stretch Cord, a basketball, and a partner to anchor the resisted hopping drill. Athletes will place one of the Speed and Agility Cones just in front of the rim while placing the remaining Speed and Agility Cone at the free throw line. Athletes will wrap the Adjustable Belt around their waist and face the goal. The 360 D-Ring will be placed on the front of the athlete as their partner lines up under the goal.

All basketball exercises should simulate some kind of basketball specific movement. Learning basketball techniques to optimally perform these movements during basketball exercises and training will allow athletes to perform at a higher level during games. The added resistance from the Reactive Stretch Cord will also help athletes gain strength when performing basketball techniques and moves during basketball exercises and training.

To execute the RSC Single Leg Stability Hops athletes will secure the Reactive Stretch Cord, line up at the Speed And Agility Cone closest to the basket, and stand on one foot. Athletes will dribble a basketball in the same hand as the leg they are hopping on. Athletes will hop and dribble backwards toward the free throw line. Upon reaching the free throw line athletes will shift their momentum and hop back to the original Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes will perform this pattern for 2-6 times down and back before finishing the RSC Single Leg Stability Hops with a layup, pass, or short range shot. Younger athletes who have not gained an advanced level of balance and basketball techniques should keep the repetitions down and back low so great strength, balance, and coordination can be built. Mastering these skills will prepare athletes to complete higher repetitions of basketball exercises with great form and execution.

Athletes will perform 2-4 rounds of the RSC Single Leg Stability Hops alternating which leg and arm are being used for the basketball exercises. Athletes should take 40-60 seconds of rest between sets of the basketball exercises.

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Advanced Basketball Techniques Training

The RSC Single Leg Stability Hops is one of a group of advanced basketball exercises. These advanced basketball exercises should be performed after athletes have gained basic levels of coordination, balance, and strength. If athletes need to develop more strength to successfully complete these advanced basketball exercises training equipment like the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, Ballistic Bands, and KB Duo can be utilized also during basketball exercises and training.

If athletes are at such an advanced stage of basketball exercises that they need to add intensity to the RSC Single Leg Stability Hops they can add the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands into the basketball drill. The Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will help advanced athletes develop a high level of balance, coordination, and unilateral leg strength. All of these basketball techniques and skills will allow athletes to have a competitive edge over their competitors who do not develop the leg strength or coordination due to non-resisted training.

Athletes who use any combination of the Reactive Stretch Cord and Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to complete advanced basketball exercises can also use unresisted rounds at the end of the basketball exercises. Adding unresisted repetitions to the advanced basketball exercises will help athletes gain speed and increased vertical jumping ability as they feel the effects of using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands or Reactive Stretch Cord. The light and free feeling in the legs and hips is a result of increased activation of muscle fibers. This increased muscle activation gives the athlete more power in their legs and hips during the basketball exercises

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