Youth Speed and Agility Training With Kbands: Youth Athlete Strength Training

Youth Speed and Agility Training With Kbands: Youth Athlete Strength Training

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Youth Speed and Agility Training With Kbands: Youth Athlete Strength Training

Kbands are an excellent product for improving speed, agility, and strength in athletes of all ages. Athletes as young as seven years old can utilize Kbands in their youth strength training. Utilizing Kbands in youth speed and agility drills will help athletes improve many important athletic attributes, such as hip strength and center of balance.

Improving on youth speed and agility will not only help young athletes improve their current athletic performance, but will also place them far ahead of their fellow competitors who perform their youth strength training without Kbands.

Youth Athlete Strength Training: How Kbands Can Improve Speed, Agility, and Strength

Incorporating Kbands into youth speed and agility offers many advantages that unresisted youth strength training cannot provide. By utilizing the Kbands in their speed and agility training, young athletes will be able to develop greater hip strength. This hip strength is improved by the resistance provided by the Kbands and the limit it puts on a young athletes range of motion.

Improved lateral quickness, center of gravity, and hip strength development are all advantages of Kbands during youth strength training. Athletes will develop improved hip strength from the Kbands which has a direct effect on improved lateral quickness and center of gravity. These athletic attributes will greatly aid young athletes as they mature and develop and their competitors become larger and more athletic.

Youth Speed and Agility Training: Kbands Youth Training vs. Adult Training

Young athletes will not have the same cardio or muscle development as adults. Younger athletes will also be smaller and have much shorter strides. It is important for coaches and parents to take these differences into consideration when designing or executing youth speed and agility drills.

It is important for youth athletes and their coaches to adjust the youth strength training drills if necessary. Coaches need to consider things like: age, athletic development, muscular development, and what order the youth speed and agility drills sequence. If coaches or parents begin to see a breakdown in form during the youth strength training the size and or length of the youth strength drill should be reevaluated.

Young athletes can perform many of the same speed and agility drills as older athletes. The best youth speed and agility drills are ladder drills, Speed and Agility Cone variations, and wall runs. All of these exercises can be performed alternating between resisted and unresisted sets. Going from resisted sets to unresisted sets will provide total muscle activation for the young athlete performing the youth speed and agility drills.

It is important for athletes to have a goal to focus on during their youth speed and agility training. This means having athletes work from one Speed and Agility Cone to the next, or having young athletes drive their knees up a certain number of times during a set of wall runs. Giving young athletes these small goals will help keep them focused on the speed and agility drill at hand and help challenge themselves throughout the youth strength training.

Youth Speed and Agility Training: Final Thoughts

Kbands are an excellent tool for young athletes to utilize in their youth strength training. This sort of training is more beneficial to youth athletes because it will not hurt or damage their young growing bodies. Kbands are also an excellent way for young athletes to gain a competitive edge on their opponents. Hip strength will not only have a positive influence on their current athletic endeavors but the continued advancement and use of the Kbands in training will provide superior athletic benefits and performance for years to come.

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