What Is A Beginner Resistance Bands Workout I Can Do At Home–Kbands Live 142

What Is A Beginner Resistance Bands Workout I Can Do At Home–Kbands Live 142

Published by Trevor Theismann on 23rd Nov 2021

What is a Beginner Resistance Bands Workout I Can Do At Home | Kbands Live 142

If you want a beginner resistance bands workout because you are new to working out, trying to get restarted because life got in the way, or you want to supplement what you are currently doing, this workout is for you. It is a great upper body workout using resistance bands. Just because it is a beginner workout doesn’t mean it will be easy. It’s a beginner at home workout because:

• It works the muscles in your torso: chest, triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and delts
• It explains which muscles are being worked and why
• It provides information on proper form, hand positions and modifications if necessary
• It educates you on the reps and sets and provides a visual of each exercise

Watch the video, complete the workouts, and listen and learn from the tips for performing each exercise.

So Why Is This Beginner Resistance Band At Home Workout?

It is a beginner workout because it educates you on the what, why and how of each muscle worked. After completing the workout you know it is not an easy beginner workout. It works the entire upper body and you should expect to be sore. The Fusion Cables Home Training System is a great piece of at home workout equipment. It’s great for beginners because the resistance can be adapted to any fitness or ability. As you get stronger, increase the level or number of Fusion Cables used in your workout. When you progress in strength there are many additional exercises that be completed using this versatile training tool.

The workout is considered a beginner because Trevor explains each exercise in detail. He helps to educate you during the workout. He tells you how to work the muscle, hand position and arm position to ensure you are getting maximum benefit for your effort. If you don’t isolate the muscle and control the movement you will not get the most benefit from your workout. He and his workout partner also demonstrate how to perform each exercise. You hear how to do the exercise. You see how to properly complete the exercise. Then you perform the exercise. The workout will give you the knowledge to take your at home resistance bands workout to an advanced level. Demonstrating the workouts and explaining them this way will help reduce your frustration and provide a basis for a fitness lifestyle.

Can I Add Muscle and Increase My Strength Using Resistance Bands

Of course! It may feel like a beginner workout, but don’t be fooled. You will be working the muscles that experienced weight training individuals work regularly at the gym. Resistance bands are great for beginners because the lighter resistance levels allow you to get great muscle activation even though you are just starting your fitness lifestyle. Complete each exercise matching the reps and sets in the video. This approach is great for beginners and will help you to become comfortable with the exercises. It helps you to learn proper hand and body positioning to prevent injury and begin defining your muscles. The video will educate you on the muscle names, how to effectively work them for maximum growth, and talk about modifications to the various exercises if your bio-mechanics require adjustments to the workouts. When you complete this workout, and others on the site, consistently you will get stronger. When your strength increases you can easily increase the resistance to match your improved muscle strength.

How Do I Get Started With a Beginning At Home Resistance Band Workout?

Here are some steps you should take before starting your workouts.

First, ensure you are healthy enough to begin resistance bands training.

Second, watch the video and listen to the explanations provided by Trevor. Start slow using lighter resistance bands that will still challenge you during the workout. While performing your resistance band at home workouts remember to focus on your form. It is important that you learn to isolate and concentrate the muscle being worked. Trevor will explain this in detail to help you to learn how to do this.

Third, follow the reps and sets as the guys perform them in the video. The frequency is important. It takes many months of consistently working out for it to become a habit. So consistency and frequency is key. Plan to train 3 or 4 times a week. Expect to be sore after each workout but don’t let this prevent the next workout. Muscle soreness is a reminder that you worked the muscle well. Eventually the soreness will lessen as your muscles adapt to stimulus caused from your new workouts. Of course, when the soreness no longer occurs after a workout it is time to change the workout routine to again stimulate the muscle. Constantly changing your workouts will help the muscle to continue to define and grow.

Fourth, the Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence is another component of your fitness routine. Knowing how to stretch and increase blood flow to a muscle helps with soreness and speeds recovery. There is a complete series of videos on that will walk you through stretching and foam rolling to reduce muscle soreness. The video series will educate you on the muscles, how to roll them, and what to do when you experience pain while foam rolling.

Fifth, find more workouts at Kbands Live Fitness to keep challenging your muscles and keep your workouts interesting. You will find beginning and advanced workouts, additional guidance, dietary advice, and lots of workout routines so you never get bored with your workouts. Changing your workouts will stimulate muscle activation and help with muscle development and definition. Subscribe to the channel and get new workouts every week. You will be able to ask questions and get guidance on any question you may have as you move from beginning to advanced workouts like the Extreme Suspension Strap Workouts.

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