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Extreme Suspension Strap Exercises

Extreme Suspension Strap Exercises are extreme body weight workouts. These are not easy to perform and take even more time to perfect and achieve great form. 

Suspension strap exercises will challenge and develop your strength, balance, and core stability. While performing this style of exercise you are working against gravity and pulling all of your body weight. If you haven’t done these, or are new to fitness, it may take awhile to advance to being able to complete these workouts. The video highlights a Suspension Strap exercise, Upside Down Rows. Try to complete the reps and sets shown in the video. When you can complete these you will ready for even more difficult and challenging body weight suspension strap exercises that will boost your metabolism and reduce your body fat.




What are Extreme Suspension Strap Exercises?

It sounds so easy. Working out using this style of exercise is basically body weight fitness using the KB Duo Suspension Straps. It is anything but easy. Suspension Strap is a unique style of body weight exercises that involve multi-plane, compound exercise movements. These exercises are performed because they develop strength, improve balance, work on flexibility and also help to stabilize your joints. Suspended workouts are the ultimate in developing your strength, if you can do them, and firing up your metabolism to burn fat.

If you need proof that this style of workout will build muscle and reduce body fat, then think of a gymnast. The majority of the workouts and exercise routines they perform are body weight exercises. Their workouts include using rings, uneven bars, and parallel bars. They don’t push a lot of weight like body builders, but they are just as strong and have fantastic muscle development and definition.

Let’s Analyze the Upside Down Rows

The Upside Down Rows are an example of “extreme” Suspension Strap. If you are new to this style of workout you will be surprised how difficult it is to achieve the first phase of the move, getting into an upside down vertical position and keeping it stable. You must work to prevent movement, stay vertical and still hold yourself off the ground while your muscles strain from the unusual and heavy load they are placed under. It may take many attempts before you can hold this position. Once you can hold this position stationary for 15-20 seconds you are ready to progress to the next phase of the movement. The next phase is the row portion of the Upside Down Row. Keeping your body in a vertical plane pull yourself up and down. You will quickly understand why this is not a beginner weight training routine.

When you perform this movement, it is a total bodyweight exercise the works many muscles simultaneously. During the row movement you are working your traps and shoulders as you raise and lower your body. You also work your core, and not just your abs, but also your back muscles, pelvis, and chest as you work to stay vertical. Your forearms, biceps and triceps are being recruited also in the up and down movement. Finally your quads are working to keep your legs straight. This is a total bodyweight workout. In addition to these muscles, you are working on joint stability, balance, and flexibility. This move is difficult but it has many benefits.

Other Extreme Suspension Strap Exercises

The KB Duo is a great piece of equipment to add to your at home fitness gym. Suspended Knee Ups is another Extreme Suspension Strap Exercise performed as a superset in the video. This exercise targets the abdominals. It also hits the upper back muscles as you work to keep the shoulders back and down. Your hip flexors and quads are worked when you raise and lower the legs. And finally your biceps are hit as you stay in an upright and seated position throughout the movement. You can also do Iron Crosses, Tricep Extensions, Bicep Curls, Suspended Planks, Suspended Push-Up Pikes and the list goes on and on. Go to Kbands Live Fitness for more suspension strap exercises using the KB Duo to challenge your workouts, rev your metabolism, and burn calories.

Modifications If You Are Not Ready for Extreme Suspension Exercises

The Suspension Strap Exercises in the video are not for a beginner. If you want to challenge your workouts but can’t complete the extreme workouts there are modifications you can make. In the video we performed crunches on a weight bench without using hands for support. If you need help then brace yourself with your hands using the back of the bench while performing the Crunches. When performing Bicep Curls using the KB Duo you can adjust the intensity by becoming more vertical and less horizontal during the movement. Move your feet farther from the overhead mount and this lightens the load. You will still get a burn and you should still perform every set to failure. This modification will help you gradually build strength. Overhead Tricep Extensions can also be made easier or more difficult by adjusting your distance and angle from the overhead mount. Suspension training should be added to your at home workouts that will keep them interesting, challenging, and give great results.

Diet Is Critical

Make no mistake as you push yourself in your workouts you have to be just as dedicated to your eating. Including extreme suspension training will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Without the right food choice, all of your extreme workout benefits will be lost. Analyze your protein levels, watch your sugar intake, eliminate soft drinks (both regular and diet), and eat from a smaller plate to help control portions. Really look at what you are eating, when you eat, your food choices and see what needs to change. Then makes adjustments to your food choices and amounts. Small changes make a huge difference. Just like building muscle, losing weight doesn’t happen quickly. Commit to a healthier lifestyle and in turn improve your quality of life. KBT Nutrition has the tips, tools, and plans to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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