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Power, speed, strength, mobility, agility, flexibility, and endurance are all important attributes when playing volleyball.  This seems like quite a list, but in order to become an explosive volleyball player it takes the ability to move the joints and maximize range of motion.  Standing, landing, jumping, changing directions, and squatting are just a few of the skills that volleyball players need that go along with these attributes. Volleyball players need to choose the best drills to enhance their skills. Drills that enhance sport specific needs on the court. 



Volleyball Drills | Modified Lateral Slider Drill

It is important for volleyball player’s to learn how to properly perform this drill.  Technique is so important for getting the best possible results from volleyball drills and in order to prevent injury.  The catch portion is when the volleyball player is standing on one leg. The model volleyball player must first stand on one leg and jump laterally as far as possible, similar to a speed skater. Work to get this lateral slide as far to the side as possible and then catch balancing on one foot. The catch portion of this drill will increase a volleyball player’s hip and knee stability. This enables volleyball players to work the balance and injury prevention muscles in the body. Using Kbands will increase the muscle tension on each of the joints. During the catch portion of the drill the bands are not utilized, but volleyball players will quickly feel the difference during the slide portion when using the bands. Each volleyball player’s glutes and outer hips will burn much more when wearing the bands then when not using the bands. These are the muscles that are in charge of internal rotation of the knee and jump height. Using the leg resistance bands will help strengthen them much faster. 

Prevent Injuries While Becoming Explosive

Volleyball players need to complete this drill before or after their practice sessions, incorporating this drill along with other volleyball drills for about 10 to 15 minutes can have a major impact on game performance. This specific drill should be done with 5 sets. Four of those sets should be completed using Kbands for resistance and each set should last for 30 to 45 seconds. After the forth resisted set, volleyball players will unclip the bands and move into a fifth set without using resistance. In between each set volleyball players should be allowed to rest 45 seconds to a minute. This will allow the proper amount of recovery time in between sets. Make sure that the catch portion of this drill lasts for 3 seconds and then continue to another jump.  Below are other great volleyball drills to help increase strength and ultimately improve volleyball skills. Make sure volleyball players complete 2 to 3 of these volleyball drills each and every practice.   

Step Up To The Next Level 

Hard work pays off. Volleyball players who are ready to step up to the next level will greatly benefit by warming up, stretching and practicing using Kbands.  Our Athlete Performance Pack includes a set of Kbands and 5 training DVD's.  The Athlete Performance Pack will enable volleyball players to improve their skills and become more explosive and powerful on the floor. This also provides upper level speed and agility drills that will allow volleyball players to train like upper level volleyball players do. At Kbands Training our products are very affordable and fit easily in a volleyball bag. For volleyball players that have shoulder issues we offer upper body resistance bands that will help strengthen the rotator cuffs as well.  Below view the other great volleyball drills that are illustrated using Kbands.  Use a combination of these drills to create your own individual circuit.  


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