Volleyball Jumping | Jump Higher | Drills

Volleyball Jumping | Jump Higher | Drills

Published by Trevor Theismann on 3rd Jan 2022

Volleyball Jumping Drills

Volleyball players often find themselves at a place where they need to know how to jump higher.  Jumping high helps a volleyball player become better. A great vertical leap helps volleyball players to get to a jump height where they are up over the net to spike down on the ball and jump height will also help with blocking as well as an overall more explosive performance. Often younger volleyball players are lacking the strength to jump high enough in order to get great downward spikes and using vertical jump training and plyometrics with Kbands allows volleyball players to easily acquire the strength to increase their jump height.

Hop Over Drill | Plyometrics | Jump Height

Volleyball players will begin with a vertical leap over some type of a barrier. Cones are used in the video but volleyball players may also use another object as long as it has some jump height to it. To begin the drill volleyball players will begin jumping over the obstacle from front to back. They must maintain neutral knees and get up and over the cone. As soon as the volleyball player lands they need to immediately leave the ground again. This will give the body the extra muscle stimulation to jump higher. Each time the body undergoes this cycle, the muscles will slowly adapt an increase jump height

Proper Form | Hop Over Drill

Coaches and trainers need to watch out for volleyball players leaving their knees in and flipping their heels out around the obstacle and never truly get a good enough vertical leap to clear it. The key is to jump higher with neutral legs and land in a neutral stance. If the volleyball players land with their knees inward this will only increase the chances of injury and not improve jumping height. When wearing Kbands volleyball players can improve their strength and knee safety by strengthening their glutes and hip muscles to prevent this internal knee rotation. Each volleyball player must be conscious to keep their knees wide every time they jump to increase their vertical leap. Younger volleyball players have a bad habit of letting their knees slide inward that could cause major injuries.

Lateral Jumps | Plyometric Hop Over

The next step of this volleyball drill is for volleyball players to complete vertical jumps laterally. This portion of the volleyball drill has the same concept where the volleyball players must create jump height as soon as their feet hit the floor in order to get to the other side. The athletes must work to maintain this neutral leg stance and not let their feet creep in to where they are touching while moving side to side. This volleyball drill for increasing vertical jumps will strengthen the glutes and hips to prevent knee injuries, but the volleyball players must maintain a neutral stance throughout the drill.

Drill Set Up | Sets and Reps

Every volleyball player needs to have about 5 yards in between her and her teammates so there is enough room. This volleyball drill can also be completed solo. The exercise jumping height durations should be about 15 to 18 seconds and then rest for 45 seconds to a minute in between jumping height sets. Complete 6 total sets with three front to back jumps and 3 side to side jumps.

Complete Jump Height Training Program

Volleyball players, it’s time to advance to the next level.  Use our Kbands volleyball drills on our website to become a better volleyball player.  Learn how to jump higher and improve vertical jumping.  Our drills are great to use at home, to stretch, warm-up, and for practice.  Volleyball players who are looking to gain that extra edge over their competition will benefit greatly from our Athlete Performance Pack.  This will help volleyball players increase speed, agility, and their core strength to jump higher and perform at a higher level. Our Athlete Performance Pack is an easy and inexpensive way to improve techniques and increase overall strength for a better overall performance. It is designed to make volleyball players and all athletes faster, stronger, and more explosive on and off the court.

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