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Volleyball Jump Height Training

It’s not hard to determine that it takes excessive jump height to play the front row in volleyball. Hitting, blocking, and jump serving in volleyball depend on the height of the jump for power and explosiveness.  The problem is that knee injuries are common for volleyball players. This is because jumping places a lot of strain on the knees if the technique is not right and precautions are not taken. It is not uncommon to see volleyball hitters who are wearing a knee wrap or knee brace. Volleyball players must train hard to gain height in their jumps, but at the same time take all precautions and train correctly in order to prevent knee injuries.



Maximize Results With Kbands 

Volleyball players benefit in two ways by using Kbands resistance when working on jump height drills. Not only do Kbands add resistance and strengthen the body's jumping muscles so that jumps get higher, but they also help stabilize the knees to prevent injury. Stability training in volleyball is vitally important because knee injuries occur often. Men and women have different lower body structures so women’s hips are wider and this places the knees slightly inside the hip line. When a woman jumps and lands, her knees are often times inside of her hip line, which causes an inward angle. This inward angle of the knee places extra strain on the knee joint and can lead to injuries such as an ACL tear. Men have this injury as well, but it’s not as prevalent when jumping because their knees line up with their hips.  

Kbands Tuck Jump- The intention of this drill is to help increase a volleyball player’s explosiveness, jump height, and joint stability. To begin this drill put the lower body Kbands on and in an upright standing position and jump with both feet bringing the knees up to chest. As soon as a volleyball player’s feet hit the ground they will immediately jump back up – the quicker a volleyball player jumps back up into the air when the feet hit the ground the greater the opportunity for increasing jump height.  When volleyball player’s land they should touch down with soft feet making sure not to stomp. Also, do not let the knees turn inward when landing. Each volleyball player should land in a neutral position with the knees facing forward. Volleyball players must also be use a powerful arm swing. Newcomers to the Kbands Tuck Jump often will leave their arms down to their sides. Each volleyball player must be conscious of this and attack with their arms. Jump height is maximized by a powerful arm swing.

Increase Your Vertical Fast

It is important that volleyball players always leave a day of rest in between completing this drill. Each set should not last longer than the duration of 12 to 15 seconds. Using the Kbands Tuck Jump as an endurance drill will defeat the whole purpose of it. The purpose of this drill is to help volleyball player’s jump higher.  Each rep must be explosive and quick while maintaining maximum jump height. Complete 3 to 4 resisted sets followed by two un-resisted sets.  Volleyball players should rest in between each set roughly 40 seconds to a minute. After the 4 to 6 Kbands resistant sets move to non-resisted sets with the same time durations. The non-resisted sets will leave the legs feeling free. Volleyball players should be sure to explode up and land with neutral knees with each jump.

5 Week Training Program With Guaranteed Results 

Kbands resistance is a great solution for volleyball players to strengthen their glutes, hips, and IT bands. These are the muscles that often are in charge of internal rotation of the knee.  A volleyball player needs these muscles to be as strong as possible so that these muscles will fire to prevent the knees from shifting inward. If these muscles are weak then the knee will continue to shift inwards until one day the ligaments weaken and a tear may occur. Volleyball players should push themselves to do a lot of jumping drills. Our Athlete Performance Pack is great for volleyball players.  The Kbands Athlete Performance Pack allows volleyball players to improve the vertical, speed, agility, and strengthen their legs and core.  The Athlete Performance Pack includes a set of lower body bands and 5 training DVD's to help volleyball players and all athletes build the sport specific muscles they need to perform at the highest level. 


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