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Volleyball is a sport that involves extreme lateral movement and the ability to move with fast feet during volleyball matches. Volleyball players need to be able to move from side to side and at a variety of angles effectively and quickly in order to be successful. These movements are often the difference in a volleyball team winning or losing. Our Kbands Shuffle Step Drill will help improve volleyball player’s lateral movements and quickness. So whether you are playing volleyball tournaments, in a volleyball league, sand volleyball, or working on various volleyball positions this Kbands Shuffle Step Drill is a great way to improve speed in lateral movements.



Kbands Volleyball Shuffle Step Drill

This drill is great because one volleyball player or an entire volleyball team can do it. Volleyball players will start by getting enough space in between them to be able to move from side to side and front to back without hitting another volleyball player. Volleyball players will roughly need about 5 yards in a circle around them. Now the idea is to strap on K bands for increased muscle stimulation and strengthening of the hips and glutes while completing quick feet shuffles while moving quickly. This drill will teach volleyball players to keep their body in proper alignment and volleyball players must work to move their feet as fast as possible in order to increase lateral speed. Simply walking through the paces will not make volleyball players perform better.

Volleyball players will need someone to give them the command to move during this volleyball drill. The commands will help volleyball players react quickly to hits. Volleyball players never know where the ball is going to go so by having someone command them to go left, right or drop at either side will encourage increased reaction time when it comes to performance. Each volleyball player will move from side to side or at a 45° angle in reverse drop step to either side. The key to this volleyball drill is to take 2 quick shuffles out and 2 quick shuffles back to the middle. This may seem a bit confusing but watching the video will allow volleyball players to see the drill in action. Volleyball players should never hesitate anywhere but the middle and the athletic stance. As soon as volleyball players are commanded to move they instantly must react to the direction that the coach or trainer says to go. Again this will help with reaction times and work on volleyball lateral movement. 


Work Smart | Reps & Sets

During this drill it is important for volleyball players to go in short bursts. Volleyball players and all athletes cannot stay under high-intensity activities for long periods of times when trying to improve performance. It must be short burst at 100% intensity and then volleyball players should rest so that the high level of intensity will continue. The duration of the entire set for volleyball players should be 30 seconds to 40 seconds as the coach or trainer quickly says a direction and the volleyball player move two steps and then back to the home position. Complete this volleyball drill for 3 to 4 sets for best results.

Volleyball players need to move quickly laterally because they do not naturally have the hip strength. If a volleyball player determines the need to move laterally to get to a ball their body must be strong enough to help hold inside the side. The human body is designed to move linearly very effectively, but laterally you must develop the hips and a core to be able to move quickly. The bands will help strengthen the hips by doing simple drills that will help give the hips the ability to react immediately when needed. A weak body may have a quick reaction time, but the hips and the core cannot make the body move effectively from side to side. That is why it is very important to build these lateral muscles with Kbands because it can be done quickly and effectively while still training in a sport specific fashion.

Get to the Next Level

For those volleyball players that desire to get to the next level and step up their game we have our Kbands Athlete Performance Pack. This pack is a 5 DVD collection and is much larger than it once was so volleyball players are able to utilize these DVD’s to improve their skills in order to step up to the next level. It takes great work ethic, determination, and intense strength for volleyball players to excel past their competition. Kbands Athlete Performance Pack provides workouts with a professional to increase speed and agility as well as intense core training. It is like participating in a professional volleyball camp at home or in your practice facility.


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