Volleyball Drills For Improved Spiking

Volleyball Training Exercises

Do you want to be the volleyball player that stays healthy and dominates their competition? Do you want to take your volleyball game to the next level?  Let’s face it!  Being hurt hurts. An injured volleyball player is unable to play and this affects the entire volleyball team. A healthy volleyball player is an asset to their team. Staying healthy in volleyball is essential and working on hip stability as well as working to become more explosive in jumping for blocks and spiking is key.  Successful volleyball spiking and volleyball blocking is what every high school, club, and college team is looking for. It’s time to take your skill to the next level to be the volleyball player coaches are looking for.  The volleyball video below includes step by step instructions of how to correctly perform a Kbands Split Squat Jump with a modification to improve knee and hip stability.  Always remember that technique plays a vital role is preventing injury. Volleyball players that stretch, warm up, practice and perform using the correct volleyball skills and techniques decrease their chances of injury.  



Improve Jump Height With The Split Squat Jump 

Split Squat Jump Drill: This drill is great for developing the hips to improve jump height with the extended lunge start position. This drill is also great for working on knee and hip stability with the catch portion of the drill, and the 3 second static hold at the bottom. Jump height can be increased by continually working for maximal height during the jump and stability can improve by keeping proper alignment in a static hold at the bottom. 

Technique & Training Tips

The first thing volleyball players will do to begin this drill is put on Kbands. Then, begin with the left foot forward and left knee bent. The knee should never be in front of toe throughout the entire drill even during the landing. Drop the right foot back into a spread out lunge position while keeping the back straight the entire time. Hold this position for a 3 second count. Swing arms forward while jumping as high as possible and switching legs. Now the right foot is forward with the right knee bent and the left foot back behind the body with a slightly bent knee just above the floor. The volleyball players should make sure to land in the hips and not on the knee. Hold this new position for 3 seconds and then jump again and switch legs. Make sure to jump as high as possible every jump to increase verticals and control the body to get the best possible balance and results from this drill. 


Kbands Spiking Drill


Volleyball Drills | Sets And Reps

Volleyball players should complete this drill in 30-45 seconds continually switching legs in each jump.  After 45 seconds volleyball players should rest for about a minute and a half and then begin again. This will allow the volleyball player’s legs to come back and be ready to complete the drill again. Complete 2 to 4 sets depending upon the age and athletic ability of volleyball players. Again, volleyball players need to remember the 3 second hold each jump. After 2-4 sets  then have volleyball players unhook bands and perform this drill without resistance to feel the difference. Volleyball players will be able to experience the feather like feeling that their legs now feel versus the resistance they feel with the Kbands. This helps them realize the difference the Kbands make in their workouts.  

Get The Edge Over Your Competition

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