​Victory Ropes Long Jump Sprints- Speed Training

​Victory Ropes Long Jump Sprints- Speed Training

Published by Trevor Theismann on 17th Feb 2020

Taking that final long stride towards victory is an invaluable experience. However, it all starts out with doing the right drills. This Victory Ropes long jump sprint drill is a great way to build your explosive power as well as increase your stride length and overall speed.

It does not matter the kind of sport you engage in. Whether you play footballtrack, or baseball, you need this drill to build power and explosiveness.

How It Works

Double the cords up and utilize one cord as a belt. Move as much as 45 feet across resistance with an anchor holding up victory ropes strapped onto your waist. The idea is to make free broad jumps as the resistance increases. When you reach a cone or point, roll forward as you take a calculated weighted sprint across 20 to 25 feet or depending on the maximum range that you can cover.

As you move on, the victory rope stretches, making it harder and harder to follow through. When you reach the end, pull up as you inhale deeply and walk back. During this period, your anchor should advance towards you. This prevents you from being pulled over, as the rope would have otherwise exhausted its length.

Getting It Right

There is always the temptation just to add more resistance since you want to be competitive. This is great. However, if the resistance impedes any mechanism of your body movement, such as your arm action, quick feet, a fast turnover, then it is definitely not worth it, and you should consider stepping the resistance down.

Not stepping the resistance down in such cases just conditions your body and does not really do any justice to the stride length, which you are digging for. The awesome thing about the victory ropes long jump sprints drill is that it engages your entire body, taking your cardiovascular system compliance to a whole new level. Thus, it also passes perfectly as a conditioning drill, making it a win-win.

The Sound Of Victory

You can be that complete athlete that you have always dreamed of being. With this victory ropes drill, you can give yourself a comprehensive workout. Remember to maintain your running form as you carry out this drill. The harder you drive off the ground, the more power you generate.

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