Home Gym Workout Routine for Men

Home Gym Workout Routine for Men

6th Mar 2019

Home Gym Workout Routines for Men

This is a great workout routine that guys can complete at home using the Fusion Cables Home Training System. This home gym workout routine for men will work your legs while also developing your chest, back, shoulders and core. This is a great total body workout that will target all of the muscles that a guy wants to work at home in his workout. The muscles men always focus on first is building a bigger chest. Developing their backs. Flattening their core so they look good in a T-shirt. Guys want to develop strong quads and tighten their glutes.

This workout routine does this and more. It is the one workout routine that every guy should follow if they are short on time and want maximum benefits. It helps you be efficient with your workout time so you work multiple muscles in one workout routine. The Fusion Cross Cable System is easy to use and quickly adjusts to any strength or fitness level. You can quickly add or reduce the resistance by adding heavier or lighter Fusion Cables. As you get stronger the Fusion System will still provide the resistance you need to continue to put on mass.

Fusion Cables Stability Lunges Are a Great Total Body Workout

Start this men’s workout with the Fusion Cables Stability Lunges. Attach two Fusion Cables on the high and low mounts using the under over over pull method explained in the “How To” Video. The Fusion Cables Stability Lunges work the legs during the lunge motion and activates the chest, core, and back during the static hold. It is the great arm position that allows you to perform his multi-muscle development movement. Working multiple muscles in the same exercise ensures you are getting maximum benefits during your workout routine because at Kbands Training we know you are busy. It also allows you to burn more calories during the workout and creates a workout after calorie burn because you have worked the large muscle groups in your body.

Start slow and make sure you are getting full range of motion during the lunge. Step out with one leg bending at the knee getting to a 90 degree bend while the stationary leg is extended out from the wall. While stepping out ensure you reach as far as you can and maintain good balance. Keep your knee behind the front toe as you lunge. For the arm position the key is the separation with the hands in this static hold. The separation ensures you are activating the chest, back, and shoulders. Keep your shoulders back and down. While performing this static hold you must also work to stabilize your core during this men’s workout to ensure you maintain the proper angles for the entire exercise. This workout routine will work your legs, core, back muscles, chest, and shoulders. It works all of the muscles that guys like to focus on and build during any workout routine.

As you move through the lunges your upper body will begin to burn. When this occurs you can take a small step backward to reduce the resistance so you can complete the entire set with great form and pace. Do not change your arm position or you will not work the muscles properly and will not receive the benefits from this exercise. If necessary during the rest periods you can easily adjust the load of the resistance because the Fusion Cables Home Training System can be quickly modified to ensure you are working with maximum resistance during each rep and set. Complete 15 lunges on each leg before taking a 60 second break. You will perform three sets on each leg for a total of 6 sets. Always work to stabilize and work throughout the lunge routine. This exercise is activating multiple muscles in one home gym workout routine for men helping you to be most productive with your time.

Fusion Cables 3-Point Cross Over

The next exercise in this home gym workout routine for men is the Fusion Cables 3-Point Cross Over workout. This is a great men’s workout that will again work your chest and abs. Attach the appropriate level of resistance to a lower Fusion Mount. Grab the Fusion Handle and get into an extended push up position. This extended position will work your chest as well as your core when you do the cross over under the chest. It is the extension that will activate and accentuate the tension in your chest. Helping to build a bigger chest. It will also work your chest from a different angle so you are developing the chest in all areas.

The 3-Point Cross Over will also activate your core. Keep a good flat back and don’t rotate your hips throughout the exercise. This position ensures your core and chest are challenged and developed in this exercise. Perform 10 reps from one side, followed immediately by 6-8 quick pulse reps before flipping and performing the same routine with the other arm. Make sure you keep the elbow out and drive the arm under and across the body. The longer the under extension reach the greater the burn and development in your chest and abs. The pulse reps will take the chest to the next level of burn and give you great results.

The resistance should be enough so you are still burning at the beginning of the next set. Complete a total of 4 sets. Each set contains 10 controlled under extended reaches on each arm followed with 6-8 rapid pulses before taking a 60 second rest period. If the resistance needs to be adjusted to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from this home gym workout routine for men then adjust it during your rest period. Increase or decrease the Fusion Cables resistance so you can develop the chest and abs you have always wanted. It is important you keep the pace high and maintain proper form so you are maximizing the muscle burn and development during each set.

Fusion Cables Stability Squats

The final exercise in this workout routine is the Fusion Cables Stability Squats. This exercise will again work your legs, chest, shoulders, and core one more time. Hitting them again from another angle. These muscles should be burning after you complete this final exercise. You will want to play with the resistance for this home gym workout routine to make sure you have the correct resistance.

Start with 2 Fusion Cables on the top and bottom Fusion Mounts. Step out and determine if you can perform the move with proper form. Start with the resistance that allows you to complete the home workout routine with the proper form and intensity. Remember, as you get stronger you can increase the resistance by adding more or using heavier Fusion Cables.

Once you have the right resistance step off the wall and into the resistance. Lock your arms into a forward flexed position. Don’t let them sit back without any flex. You will not get the full benefit of this exercise. Bring them up in front of your chest and keep a static hold here while completing your air squats. This activated position for your arms will develop your shoulders, chest, and your core while performing the squats as you work to maintain this position. For this home workout routine you will want to have a slight tip forward in your body and work off your toes. If you are vertical you will be pulled backward during the exercise and it will compromise the muscles we are targeting. Work powerfully for 15 reps before taking a 30 second break. Keep a quick pace and perform high jumps dropping down in the knees to a 90 degree angle.

Keep the knees behind the toes as you move through 4 sets. Your legs will be tired but your chest and back should be on fire at the completion of this workout routine. Each set should begin with a residual burn remaining from the previous set. This ensures you’re getting the maximal benefit from this multi-muscle development exercise.

Final Thoughts on the Home Gym Workout Routine for Men

This is a great home workout routine that works multiple muscles in the same workout. It works the muscles that every man wants to work and develop - chest, back, abs, and legs. The routine ensures that you are getting maximum benefit for your workout time. The Fusion Cables Home Training System works as hard as you. It will also grow and adjust as your muscles develop and you get stronger. Just add heavier Fusion Cables or step farther off wall to increase the benefit or increase the resistance so you get maximum muscle burn. You can easily transition between the various exercises during the rest periods so your workout time is efficient and effective - achieving maximal benefit.

The 5 levels of Fusion Cables ensure you are working your muscles to failure and obtaining the largest amount of growth during each workout routine. This is a total body men’s workout that will focus on the muscles you want to develop. Also check out the Fusion STP workouts to find other great total body or muscle specific workouts. Here you will find many home exercise routines that will give you the body you want and are ready to work to achieve. 

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