Use Pushups To Compliment Your Flies For A Bigger Chest

Use Pushups To Compliment Your Flies For A Bigger Chest

18th Dec 2018


Push-Ups Are Very Effective For Chest Growth

In the video you see that we begin with a chest fly. Using resistance bands can helpI get a more efficient flex then dumbbells. Often times, dumbbells are too heavy at the bottom, and to light at the top. Resistance bands on the other hand can change instantly. Step out farther from the wall with the Fusion Cables and you will have more resistance. Step closer to the wall and you will have less resistance. After you complete the flies you will then move down to the ground for an narrow push up. Push-ups are an excellent way to increase the size of your chest. After your fly repetitions the push-ups will activate not only the chest, but the triceps and shoulders. These muscle groups will help assist the failing pectoralis muscles to help them complete more repetitions. By increasing time under tension, you’ll see you’re just grow more rapidly.

Focus Is Key

During each of these exercises there are many muscle groups that can contribute to the movement. If chest is key for you, then you must focus on the muscle group you are wanting to grow and make it cause the movement. Many people complete push-ups and never feel it in the chest. Your goal is to squeeze and operate with intense focus. Make your chest lift your body.

Time Under Tension And Volume

Some people are gifted with fast growing muscles. Others are not. If you are a slow grower then frequency and volume is the key to your success. The thought process must be similar to watering plants. You must increase the volume that your body is capable of every day and less you feel as though you need a break. Become very in tune with your body. If something is very achy, then take a break. If after a slight warm up you’re feeling good, then push again today. Stick to a plan to increase your frequency.

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