Power Punch: A High Intensity Superset


Power Punch: A High Intensity Superset

Schedules are busier than ever these days, and people everywhere are trying to figure out how to lose fat without spending hours at the gym. Fortunately, the basic principles of weight loss remain the same regardless of the length or intensity of any given workout routine: to shed pounds, the body must burn calories at a faster rate than calories are taken in. This can be accomplished with longer workouts at a lower intensity, but faster and more difficult workouts can raise the heart rate quickly. Once the heart rate is pushed up into the fat burning zone, metabolic processes are activated that can help raise the rate at which stored fat is converted into energy. 



How to Lose Fat: What is the “Fat Burning Zone

An accurate heart rate can be obtained by counting pulse beats at the throat or wrist for six seconds and then multiplying that number by ten. When measured during low activity, this is known as the resting heart rate. When measured during sustained intense activity, this is called the maximum heart rate, and this number can be used to determine the level of intensity of various cardio and core exercises. Activity that raises the heart rate to a level between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum rate is intense enough to activate the metabolic processes that burn fat at an optimal rate.

When the heart rate reaches this level, the body enters the fat burning zone, and the longer the heart rate stays elevated, the better the weight loss results. Factoring heart rate zones into a series of cardio or core exercises can help those who are trying to figure out how to lose fat quickly and effectively. 

How to Lose Fat and Burn Calories: The Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

While almost any exercise at any intensity level is better than no exercise at all, some workouts bring faster and healthier weight loss results than others. For those who are trying to learn how to lose fat, the best workouts will be those that target the large muscle groups in the legs, arms, and core. Core exercises and those that tax the largest and strongest muscle groups require high levels of energy, and because of their difficulty, they elevate the heart rate quickly from the resting zone to the fat burning zone. The video below demonstrates an excellent example of the high intensity core exercises that can bring the heart rate to optimal fat burning levels and keep it there for as long as possible. 

How to Lose Fat: The Power Punch Superset

As she demonstrates this set of power punch core exercises, Shannon will be relying on the KB PowerBands, and she’ll begin the first set with a low level of resistance and a high number of reps. As she moves to the second set, she’ll increase the resistance and reduce her reps from 20 to 12. First, she attaches the green band—the lowest resistance setting—to the handle and connects the band to an anchor point at the level of her torso. Next, she holds the handle in her left hand and steps away from the anchor, keeping her body and the band on the same plane. She plants her feet wide and prepares to twist at the waist and extend the band in a punching motion. As she completes this set of core exercises, she keeps the rotating motion concentrated in her torso. She twists her body to the right, leans to the right by bending at the waist, and punches to the right, keeping the band even with the level of her left ear.  

Those are learning how to lose fat should follow her motion carefully and not to let the band angle up into the air or toward the floor. The band and the line of the punch should always stay level and straight. It’s also important to note that during these core exercises, her left foot rotates to follow the motion of the punch, but her right foot stays firmly planted in place. As she demonstrates how to lose fat and burn calories, Shannon completes 20 reps of the low resistance core exercises on each side. Then she increases the resistance and repeats the move with 12 more reps on each side. The breaks in between each set of reps should be kept minimal, since the heart rate begins to drop as soon as the core exercises end and the body stops moving. 

Those who are learning how to lose fat should begin this set of core exercises with explosive force and should maintain a fast pace throughout both sets on both sides of the body. Even though the exercise set is short, the impact will be high as long as the body is positioned properly and heart rate rises quickly. 

How to Lose Fat: Can Fat Loss Be Targeted to Specific Areas of The Body? 

The location of fat loss does not typically correspond with specific muscle motions, so concentrating a workout on the abs, for example, will not remove fat from the stomach area faster than any other area of the body. When thinking about how to lose fat, you should stay focused on the heart rate as the most important indicator of fat burning activity, and they should emphasize leg and core exercises that tax large muscle groups, since these will have a faster and stronger impact on the heart. Fat may not melt away at an even pace from all areas of the body, but as long as the heart rate remains high and the exercise plan remains consistent (and balanced with reduced calorie intake), overall fat loss should happen steadily. 

Those who are looking for ways to lose fat can start with simple, intense exercise sets like these. More of these fat burning supersets can be found in the Weight Loss section of the Kbands Training website. For additional information about weight loss, sports training drills, or Kbands resistance training equipment including the KB PowerBands, visit Kbands


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