Agility Training Resistance Cord Drill

Agility Training Resistance Cord Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 4th Feb 2020

The Agility training resistance cord drill is another exciting speed drill with the Reactive Stretch Cord. Moving your limbs easily and as quickly as possible is a skill that cannot be dealt with. Thus, every athlete desires this.

The results of this drill are impressive as you ultimately gain total control of your body under tension. This happens because you have mastered the ability to touch the cones without being pulled forward. Once you understand the movements and can work together with the person pulling you, it becomes really fun, and you can look forward to a successful season.

The Agility Training Resistance Cord Drill

The agility training resistance cord drill works by building core body strength and running form. Set three cones on a straight line and space them out about 10 to 15 feet apart. As you run from cone to cone, the focus is on performing patterned movements around each cone and then accelerating from there.

The patterned movements involve tapping the feet as fast as you can, and it is done in an upright position. You then lean forward as you accelerate in the dig phase while the Reactive Stretch Cord pulls you. Ease up as you approach the next cone. This transition between the upright phase and the dig phase is where it all happens. You end the agility training resistance cord drill with a sprint out.

The Correct Technique Is Essential

This drill requires the right technique for optimum results. The essence of the patterned movement is to develop quick feet. While accelerating, tilt your chest forward while using your arms to generate that explosiveness.

Remember that you should not be letting the cord just pull you along. This would not give you the results that you are after. Utilize the resistance cord by moving through your natural running form. Your shoulders should be leaning forward, not rolled back. Do not open your body up as well.

If done properly, the agility training resistance cord drill gets you a lot faster, and the movements become easier to perform. Your trainer should watch for the right technique as you carry out this drill.

Let’s Hit the Ground Running

Do you have a group of athletes that you train together with? You can strap on different belts and simply work each other out as you run through the cones. You can get the belts and cords on-demand as you prepare for a successful stint. Alternatively, if you prefer training alone, then this would be a welcome addition to your set of routine drills.

The agility training resistance cord drill is a good way to develop that extra nimbleness and control that will take your game to the next level. What are you waiting for? Get your cord and start working out now!

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