The Best Stride Frequency Drill That Works

The Best Stride Frequency Drill That Works

Published by Trevor Theismann on 8th Dec 2021

The Best Stride Frequency Drill That Works

This is the best stride frequency drill that you will ever complete. Within just minutes a day you'll feel the difference in the way you are performing. The key is that sprinters must focus on form to develop proper muscle activation. During the stride frequency drill you will utilize the video below for workout demonstrations and exercise tips. Let’s take a look at this stride frequency video and dive into each helpful tip.

What Drill Is The Best For Stride Frequency

As mentioned before, your positioning is very important during this drill. Tilt your body forward loading your hips and ankles. Next, place your arms slightly above your head and maintain a flat back. During each repetition you'll have a tendency to allow your back to rise. The key is to maintain great chest and hip separation. With this up right chest position you will get full hip flexor activation. If you slouch, your hip flexor range of motion will be limited. Now that you have your body position properly let's take a closer look at the legs.

Leg Drive And Turn Over

The foot positioning is almost just as important as the knee positioning during this stride frequency drill. To begin this drill your body will lean against the wall, your foot will then come off the ground to a 90° angle with the front knee. Notice in the video the athletes foot position. You'll want to pull your toes towards your shin during each chambered leg position. By doing this you will load your calf muscle with dorsiflexion. As you come closer to the ground, you will then drive with force off the ground accelerating through plantar flexion. These specific movements will enhance your results greatly.

Hip Flexor Activation Is The Key To Stride Frequency

Now that your feet are working properly let's take a closer look at your knees and hip flexors. Hip flexors are the most import piece of improving stride frequency. Explosively move your knees up into the resistance of Kbands. By utilizing the power of resistance you will load the muscle and help improve muscle activation. With increased muscle activation you will help build strength and power in the legs. To complete this drill you will follow a coach or trainer's number sequence. Your trainer will call out a number and you will complete the number of repetitions mentioned. This will help with the mind-body connection as we move through the drill. If you're trainer calls out three, you will then chamber your legs and complete three repetitions. If your trailer calls out seven repetitions you will then chamber and explosively move through seven repetitions. Between each number sequence you will hesitate and regain your posture.

How Many Should You Do

You must move quickly during this exercise. To increase your sprinting speed it is important that you work in short bursts intervals. You should not be under tension for any more than 30 seconds. Complete your number sequences and hesitations within this timeframe. After you have completed six sets you will then unclip Kbands and utilize unresisted repetitions. Without any resistance you will have full muscle activation. At this time you will see what full muscle activation can do for you. With full hip flexor activation you will now be able to turn over your feet much quicker. This mind-body connection enabled by the power of Kbands will allow you to build speed and quickness much faster.

You Should Also Focus On Stride Length

As you get better at this drill a great combination drill is the drag sprints drill. This format will help you build stride length. As you become a more advanced sprinter you'll understand the difference in training for frequency and length. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the specific drill or grab your training equipment today and let's start training.

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