Tennis Drills For One Person | Mobility Foot Speed Tennis Workout

Tennis Drills For One Person | Mobility Foot Speed Tennis Workout

If your at tennis practice today and looking for a drill just for you, you have come to the right place. We have a lot of partner based drills here on, but this one is going to be for you to utilize individually on the court. We’re going to be working on foot speed and development by yourself with the Reactive Stretch Cord. Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of the exercise.



The Individual Tennis Drill Overview

The setup is very important for this drill. Make sure that you mount your anchor strap around a fence post when setting up your Reactive Stretch Cord. Do not clip the cord directly to the fence. Be safe, and anchor the Reactive Stretch Cord properly to a post. Next, set up your tennis balls in three different locations on the court. Challenge distance and speed with your cone placement. Place the tennis balls accordingly. After you set up your three tennis balls you will then choose one to sprint to first. You will quickly accelerate to the tennis ball, pick it up, and then backpedal back to where you started. Next, sprint to the original location and place the ball back on the ground. Complete this sequence for all three tennis balls before taking a break.

Can You Increase Your Speed By Yourself On The Tennis Court?

Of course you can increase your speed by yourself. Often times tennis athletes train with partners or coaches. This can be very effective learning to read the ball. However, if your footwork is slow then there is a lot of work you can do outside of the court. There’s no reason to hit the ball back-and-forth if your feet are slow. Take some time throughout your week to enhance your speed and agility with the specific drills. No one is gifted with perfect footwork. Tennis players of all ages must focus on fast twitch muscle fibers and utilize the proper drills to enhance muscle stimulation for foot speed.


Speed With Kbands


Is There Any Other Tennis Drills You Can Do By Yourself?

As you get more efficient at this drill, it is important that you add other drills to help efficiently gain speed. Anytime you’re speed training, you should complete 3 to 4 drills under an hour. Foot speed must be maintained throughout the entire workout. We see a lot of athletes that are excited about training and start using drills that take up to two hours. At this timeframe your body begins to slow down and the effectiveness of sprint speed decreases dramatically. Keep the sets short and then get back to sports specific training.

When Should You Complete Mobility Drills On The Tennis Court?

Mobility drills should be completed before normal practice. This will give your body the ability to focus and be more explosive. If you have already practiced your skills, and are fatigued, then your feet will continue to move slowly. Remember speed training must be done with explosive movements. If you are looking to increase your speed you cannot complete ballistic movements at a slow pace. Learn how to efficiently train and get results. For tennis specific questions, be sure to email us or comment below and we will be sure to help with your training.

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