Sprint Faster With This New Speed and Agility Drill

Sprint Faster With This New Speed and Agility Drill

This new speed and agility drill will challenge your quickness and ability to recover. Stream the video below as we focus on two sprinting elements. The assistance and resistance phase will be challenged throughout the drill. Maintain proper running form as you exercise throughout this new speed and agility drill.



Reactive Stretch Cord Speed Training

Set this drill up with two rows of speed and agility cones. Next, strap on your Reactive Stretch Cord. We will begin by running with light resistance through the stretch cord zigzagging down through the cones. As you change direction quickly run a straight line to the next cone. The slight changes in pull from the Reactive Stretch Cord will help build core strength. After you reach the last cone, turn and quickly accelerate with the assistance of the Reactive Stretch Cord. It is important that there is not too much resistance on the direction away from the anchor. Give medium level resistance and then accelerate the athlete into a sprint.


Increase Speed With Kbands


Pour On The Resistance And Increase Power

This next phase will train power. Stand behind the athlete with the Victory Ropes providing optimal resistance. As long as the athlete can maintain proper running form give them as much resistance as they can handle. Driving through with the Victory Ropes is similar to running with a power sled. The difference is that you have the ability to quickly change direction and sprint without resistance. In this version of the exercise, you will turn and sprint without any resistance or assistance. Be sure that you throw the Victory Ropes off to the side so they do not tangle in the athlete’s feet.

New Speed And Agility Drills That Work

Anytime you are adding new speed and agility drills to your workouts pay close attention to the drill set up. As soon as the drill is set up properly, you will then focus on arm action and lower body form. Matching the proper mechanics is important when starting any new training program. First practice the movements and then master them. For more speed and agility drills browse around the and run faster today.