Increase You Speed With Just a Ladder, Cones and Kbands

Increase You Speed With Just a Ladder, Cones and Kbands

Speed training is an art. If you really want results, you have to learn how to train. Some great tools that will help you achieve your goals are a speed ladder, agility cones and Kbands. With these training tools you will be able to set up different footwork drills that will help you during competition. View the video below as we describe the setup and provide technique tips to help you achieve your goals increasing your speed.



Distance Is Important

When you set up the drill refer back to the video as we describe the proper distances. If the distances between the cones and speed ladder are not optimized for your sport then you will not see great results. Try to mimic your sport with proper speed training distances. If you make quick cuts and require lots of movement in small spaces, then set your cones up closer. If your sport requires longer running distances between ballistic movements, then set your cones up farther apart.

By spending more time exercising like you compete, you will increase your ability to make game like movements more efficiently. Your top end speed does not need to increase to increase your speed during competition. You simply need to increase your body's ability to change direction and accelerate to your genetic top speed. Of course, there are certain training techniques we can utilize to increase our top speed, but learning how to properly accelerate out of a change of direction will quickly increase your speed as it relates to your sport.


Increase Speed With Kbands


When Should You Complete Ladder and Cone Drills

We often get asked this question. How often should you do ladder and cone drills? The best application of speed drills is a combination of listening to your body and optimized training sessions. We suggest completing speed training drills three times a week. This should be in addition to your sports practices. Keep the sessions short and explosive. There is no need to have a longer training sessions then 45 minutes if you are working with the correct intensity.

Optimize your training with leg resistance bands. Whenever you are completing speed training drills it is important that you optimize your results with Kbands. These are a unique training device that will help build speed during ladder drills.