Speed Workout For Kids Using Resistance Bands

Speed Workout For Kids Using Resistance Bands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 10th Dec 2021

Speed Workout For Kids Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way for young athletes to build strength without overdoing it with weight training. Weights of been known to hinder growth potential, but resistance bands have been a good way to add core strength and stability to young athletes. During this ladder drill, we will challenge power with they resisted broad jump and footwork with a speed and agility ladder. Stream the video below and let’s analyze the workout together.

Young Athletes And Resistance Training

If you can’t get your head wrapped around weight training with young athletes, and have seen the negative impacts they can have towards young adults, then resistance bands are a great way to bridge the gap. You can build strength and stability while developing power with resistance bands. As you can see in the video, the Reactive Stretch Cord has the ability to challenge athlete’s ability to move with power. What good is being able to squat 400 pounds if you cannot change direction and accelerate.

Focus On The Broad Jump For Power

As you can see a lateral high knee is utilized down through the ladder. This can be challenging for younger athletes, but as they progress, it will become second nature to them. Come out of the speed and agility ladder and move past the row of cones. This is going to mimic a jab step. Jab steps are used in most every form of sports. Quickly being able to change direction can help you compete at a higher level. As you come back into the line of cones, you will then backpedaled and load your hips for the broad jumps. Anchors will add resistance to the broad jump. Do your best to exit the line of cones within 2 to 4 jumps.

Resistance Training Will Increase Your Results

Broad jumps have been used for a long time to help develop power, but by adding resistance you will increase your results. The power generated off the ground will be maximized with the Reactive Stretch Cord.

For any questions about how to maximize your training with this drill please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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