Soccer Shooting Drills | Kbands Soccer Drills

Soccer Shooting Drills | Kbands Soccer Drills

Published by Trevor Theismann on 20th Dec 2021

Soccer Shooting Drills | Kbands Soccer Drills

A strategic, well developed approach to the offensive game can make all the difference on the soccer field, and a set of soccer shooting drills like these can get players into an offensive mindset and build the skills necessary to attack as well as defend. Effective soccer shooting drills begin with sharp reflexes and powerful control over direction changes. In order to bring real results, a set of soccer shooting drills should also focus on strengthening the muscle groups most necessary for speed, agility, and bursts of explosive motion.

Soccer players and coaches can follow along with the video below while the Kbands trainers take viewers through a multi-layered drill that emphasizes several of the skills necessary for strong offense. These drill will require a set of Kbands for each player, a speed ladder, a soccer ball, and a set of agility cones.

To prepare for this set of Kbands soccer drills, the agility ladder will need to be laid along the ground perpendicular to an area designated as the goal. The cones will be placed on the ground in the orientation indicated in the video, and the players will each need to attach a set of Kbands resistance bands securely around the upper legs. Since these soccer shooting drills will demand explosive speed and agility, players can feel free to warm up and stretch as necessary before the process begins.

Soccer Shooting Drills: Phase One

The starting point for this set of Kbands soccer drills should be marked by an agility cone set about twenty or thirty yards from the agility ladder. Soccer players will begin at this cone, and when the signal is given, they’ll sprint toward the ladder with explosive force. During the sprint, players will need to dig deep, work hard against the resistance of the Kbands, and keep the arms in motion to add power and speed to the run.

During the first round of these soccer shooting drills, players will run down the speed ladder with one foot in each rung. At each step, the knees should rise up high and the arms should stay bent at a 90 degree angle and fully engaged. Weak arms mean weak legs, so coaches should keep an eye on players to make sure the arms are raised and active during the entire motion.

After the first round, players can change up this portion of the drill by running down the speed ladder with both feet in each rung, shuffling from side to side, icky shuffling, or using any other foot work combination. Visit the soccer section above under the training tab for more footwork suggestions. Any style can be used to increase concentration, coordination, and agility, but after the first round, the style should change several times throughout the drill.

Soccer Shooting Drills: Phase Two

After reaching the end of the ladder, players will sprint to the nearest training cone placed five yards away. This cone will be set close to the goal so players can simulate opening up for the pass. At the cone, players will look up, receive a pass from coach or partner, touch the pass, and run for the next cone. The pass should be sent back to the coach who will hold the ball for the next phase of the drill.

Soccer Shooting Drills: Phase Three

After sending back the first touch-and-go pass, the soccer player will then run in a lateral motion for the second cone, placed five to ten yards away from the first. The direction of this run will move parallel to the goal, and during the entire stretch, the player’s attention will stay focused on the play (in this case, the ball which is being held by the coach). While covering the distance, the player will combine a direct sprint with a lateral, or shuffling motion.

After reaching the second cone, the player will move around this cone with the attention and the line of the shoulders still facing the direction of the play. Then the soccer player will sprint to a point midway between the first cone and the goal, accept a second pass, and shoot for the goal.

Soccer Shooting Drills: Unresisted Sets

After three to four rounds of these soccer shooting drills with the Kbands in place, soccer players can move into second set of drills with the Kbands unclipped from the straps. These unresisted sets will be marked by a temporary neurological sensation of extreme lightness, a feeling that will make speed and quick footwork seem easier for several minutes. Players should take advantage of this period by pushing themselves to higher levels of quickness, arm engagement, and explosive power in the legs and core.

While the Kbands are attached to the legs, the principles of cross training are in effect, and as players focus on sports-specific movements, the bands allow them to simultaneously develop the leg and core muscles that support balance, agility, and speed. Once the Kbands are removed, the tension is lifted from these muscle groups and players are free maximize a full range of motion. During these unresisted sets, it’s more important than ever for players to keep the knees high and the arms active, and they should place extra effort into maximizing the dig phase and building explosiveness during the sprints.

Kbands Soccer Drills: Final Notes

Successful offensive maneuvers demand strength in the hip flexors, legs, and core. But they also require mental concentration and total control over direction and speed. Drills that simulate action on the field offer the best way to build the level of focus and reflexes necessary for effective scoring.

To take shooting and passing skill to the next level, soccer players and coaches can start with the set of drills above, and then feel free to visit the soccer section of Kbands for more video demonstrations similar to this one. The soccer section offers a wide range of drills like these, plus tips on technique for passing, receiving, driving, and heading the soccer ball. Explore the site for more information and resources.

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