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Push and Pull Workout Benefits for Muscle Gains

A lot of weight training will break the body into a 3-day split targeting the muscles in three groups over 3 days:

• Day 1 - Upper body for pulling muscles
• Day 2 - Upper body for pushing muscles
• Day 3 – Legs
• Day 4 – Repeat the sequence

If you want a different variation of this traditional weight training approach then Kbands Live 137 will provide this. In this Kbands Live Fitness Workout we combine the push and pull weight training into the same session and make it a superset. Watch the video and get ideas, exercises, and push/pull workout routines that will challenge your at home workouts and stimulate your muscle growth and development.



There are several advantages to this traditional 3-day split. First you can target and crush the muscles during each workout session. Perform Fusion Cables Cross Punch, pushups from various angles, Push Downs on the bar, and the Fusion Cables Hugs to work the chest. Add some Fusion Tricep Kickbacks, Fusion Tricep Overheads, and more pushups and you have successfully worked the shoulders, chest and triceps in an intense weight training “push” workout. After this they will need to rest to begin the recovery and repair process. This is a second benefit to the push/pull 3 day split. You will be working alternating muscles on different days. This will allow a rest day following your intense workout. But if you can’t commit to this many workouts in a week then combine “push” and “pull” in the same superset workout.


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What are Push Weight Exercises?

Push exercises are typically performed as the muscle is moving the weight or resistance band away from the body. Push weight exercises typically target the chest, shoulders and front delts, triceps, and the quads when working your legs. There are many Fusion Cable exercises and variations which are great exercises that will blow up these muscles during your at home resistance band workout. The Fusion Cables Chest Press, Tricep Kickbacks, or Hugs will increase the blow to these muscle groups during the workout. After completing these workouts then drop to the ground and complete a set of pushups using various hand and elbow positions. Pushups, when performed correctly, will make this push portion of your workout extremely intense and increase the blood to the area. Again helping to stimulate muscle growth.

What are Pull Weight Exercises?

The video starts with the Fusion Cables Scrapes as a warm-up exercise. This is a great example of a “pull” exercise. This weighted pull exercise focuses on the biceps as an isolation workout. Of course this is not the only muscle worked. As you work to maintain great form you are also working the back muscles as you keep the shoulders down and back. You are working your core muscles as you work to stand upright. The muscles targeted during “pull” weight training are usually the biceps and the numerous back muscles: lats, traps, rhomboids, and even the seratus anterior. When working to isolate the back muscles the Fusion Cables Reverse Fly is a great exercise to hit these muscles.

Remember to squeeze and contract the muscle at the top of the movement and to slowly control the descent back to the starting position. This increases the time the muscle is under tension and must perform. This translates into growth. Our time is valuable so you have to make the most of every workout.

Can I Do Push and Pull In the Same Workout

Yes! Yes! Yes! At Kbands Live Fitness we believe in challenging the current weight training beliefs. In the video you see we perform “push” and “pull” weight training in the same workout as a superset. The body and your muscles respond to high frequency, intense workouts. We challenge you to complete each set to failure, doing 1 or 2 more when you think you can’t. This will stimulate muscle growth. We also believe you can train the same muscle groups multiple times in the same week if you are smart.

This is why you will see we do a lot of supersets that will stress the muscle, jump your heart rate, help to burn fat, and build lean muscle. Listen to your body and know the difference between pain and muscle soreness. If you have muscle soreness from your workouts then keep pushing and review the Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence. If you have pain, then back off, go slower, modify your workouts, and allow for recovery. When necessary provide a rest day for the muscle just worked. This rest day allows the muscle to repair and build itself while you are working the next set of muscles in your split. Work smart and work hard to grow your muscles and transform your body.

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