Can You Workout Your Arms Everyday to Build Muscle Faster?

Can You Workout Your Arms Everyday to Build Muscle Faster?

27th Feb 2019

Can You Workout Your Arms Everyday to Build Muscle Faster?

Yes! Yes! and Yes again! You can work the same muscle or muscle group on back-to-back training days to stimulate muscle growth.  But you have to be smart about it. Of course this is not what all of the training or fitness magazines suggest you do. They have their reasons on why you should perform periodization workouts, performing a muscle group with a day of rest in between. We will talk about that more later in the article. If you are smart during your workouts you can work the same muscle many continuous days with no rest days. The video talks about the approach, how to accomplish this training style and points to consider when performing this style of workout.

What Is a Periodization Workout

This is the style of workout many fitness or muscle magazines suggest to build a stronger body with great definition or to increase your size. Basically, periodization espouses the approach that a day of rest is taken between each muscle group workout. You work your chest and triceps on one day. Then you work your back and biceps the following day. Work your legs the third day. On the fourth day you can go back and work your chest and triceps again. You have many days of rest between working a muscle group.

This is the approach that many serious bodybuilding and weight-training experts typically follow when training. They have good reason for this routine. Remember when they are working a muscle group they may be hitting it from many angles, with varying weights, using multiple exercises for HOURS at a time. They may even be performing this kind of workout multiple times in one day. When you hit your muscles this hard you do need a day of rest between workouts. You are probably not doing this style of workout and certainly not for the same length of time.

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I’m Not Working My Muscles This Hard

Most of us are not hardcore body building athletes. We just want some definition and fill out our shirts better. We are not working the same muscle for hours in the same training session. If this is you then YES you can work the same muscle group on continuous days. How can I do this safely and avoid joint or muscle pain you should be asking? How do I prevent overtraining in my workout routine? In the video we worked our triceps using various at home workout routines. Lets talk about things you need to consider to use this style of workout in your at home fitness routine to build muscle faster.

First, don’t continually do the same bicep exercise, the Fusion Cable Elevated Bicep Curl, everyday. Doing the same high volume exercise everyday will cause joint and shoulder pain. There are lots of bicep exercises that will work the muscle from different angles but still work the muscle, and save your joints. Find lots of different exercises to hit the same muscle group. Use the Kbands Live Fitness Section for ideas.

Second, always play with your hand placement in every exercise. If you continually perform the Push-Up Knee-Up with your hands at the same location on the ground you will develop joint pain. Using the same hand position will cause repetitive motion or over use by doing the exact same thing. Therefore, place your hands farther apart, closer together, or higher/lower depending on the exercise. Never perform an exercise incorrectly for the sake of your hand location, you just want to modify the correct form to increase the activation to prevent pain or injury.

Third, this is similar to number 2 but slightly different because of the equipment. When working out with a barbell while doing a Chest Press try placing your hands at different widths on the bar. Don’t always place the same finger on the spotting ring of the bar. Slide your hands farther apart or closer together. Again this will hit the muscle from a slightly different angle. It will also hit your joints from a different angle. This will allow you to do the Barbell Chest Press on repetitive days and really activate your muscle gains without jeopardizing your joints. Also change your the location of where you lower the bar, either higher or lower on the chest. Perform decline presses or flat bench or use the Fusion Cables Home Training System to perform Standing Chest Presses. All of these will work the chest but from different angles.

Fourth, adjust your reps and sets in your workout routine so the joints and muscles are under tension for varying amounts of time. Mixing in shorter and longer workout periods will save your joints and again stimulate muscle activation and gains.

Fifth, break up your workout using the same exercise. For instance, start your workout with 200 push-ups and then move into a flat bar bench press that also works the chest. Go back and do more pushups to hit the chest again. Then use the Fusion Cables and perform Fusion Cable Hugs, and then go back and do one more set of pushups. This will have your chest on fire in this one workout set. The next day find more chest exercises that will hammer the muscles from different angles, making them stronger and BIGGER!

I Still Have Joint or Muscle Pain with This Style of Workout

Listen to your body when incorporating this style of workout into your at home fitness routine to help overtraining in your workout. You know your body and make sure you listen to what it is trying to tell you. There is a difference between muscle soreness and muscle pain. You have to make sure you don’t have an injury. Muscle or joint pain could be a sign of an injury. It could be the beginning of tendonitis or some other injury. Be cautious when pushing through pain. You might need to back off on this style to give your muscle or joints a break.

With this style of workout you will have more muscle soreness. This is normal. If what you feel is muscle soreness, then keep going with the workout. Muscle soreness means the muscles are working to adjust to this style of workout. It means they are getting bigger. First, make sure you are considering all of the modifications outlined above. These changes should allow you to work the same muscle on back-to-back days to build muscle faster. Second, if you have muscle soreness then play with your reps and sets or the workout resistance band level you are using in your workout. These modifications will help. Third, look for different exercises that you can perform that will bomb the muscle on back-to-back days to get larger. Fourth, incorporate static holds into your workout routines.

Can I Do This Workout Safely

You can do this workout safely and work your muscles on continuous days to build muscle faster. The key is to have a lot of variety in your work out when working the same muscle. Listen to your body. This style of workout is not easy, that’s why you will get great results and build muscle faster. Remember your workouts are probably only 30-45 minutes, not hours, so your muscles are not really as fatigued as hardcore body builders. They are telling you they are fatigued because they want you to stop. You have to push them to stimulate growth. You muscles will adapt to the new routine.

You can do this. The hardest part is this workout style is the mental part of the workout. Telling yourself you can do this. Your muscles will tell you to stop because they don’t want to work at this volume. This workout builds muscle faster because you are working the muscles differently. You are challenging them in a new style of workout. They are used to stopping after 8-10 reps. Not any more! Try this workout and see how fast your muscles develop.

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