Plyometrics Workout | Leg Bands For Jumping and Speed

Plyometrics Workout | Leg Bands For Jumping and Speed

Increasing your speed and jump height can be a daunting task. Endless amounts of training sometimes can lead to no results. We here at do our best to outline workouts that will help you achieve your goals quickly. The Kbands Power Splits Exercise will utilize the power of Kbands to help increase strength and explosiveness in your legs. By targeting specific muscle groups during this exercise you will quickly enhance your ability to jump higher and sprint faster.



Leg Bands Training Techniques

During this plyometric workout we need to make sure that we have proper form. First, take a look at how to put on Kbands. Strap each comfort leg strap around your thighs. Next, clip the proper selected resistance level for your training needs. With a resistance band in the front and back of your legs you will now have complete muscle activation. Let's dive into proper form when completing this plyometric workout.

Plyometric Power Splits Technique

To begin the Plyometric Power Split Exercise you will need to be down in a split stance position. Take note of the arm positioning. Each arm should be loaded for proper activation. Front arm should be in a 90° angle and the rear arm should be in a 90° angle. As you begin to load your hips and jump in the air, your arms will help activate your legs. If your arms are not actively attacking the next position, your legs will fall behind. As with many explosive movements your upper body has a major impact on how your lower body will perform. Slow arms will cause your legs to function slowly.

Hire Jumping Will Lead To Increased Speed

Now that you are focused on your arms let's take a look at your leg action. Explosively jump up in the air and transfer your legs to the forward and rear position. The switch should be seamless moving from front to back before you land on the ground again. There should be no hesitation, no lazy movements, only an explosive transfer of weight off the ground and back down again. Notice that your legs must chamber. If you chamber your legs each repetition they will move more quickly then is they are straight. Complete each transfer with a good 90° angle on the leg moving forward. This is key for not only position but hip flexor activation. Hip flexors are a major component of sprint speed. By driving your knee up each individual rep you will find that your acceleration increases greatly. Drive through the resistance and maintain this angle for the duration of the 8 to 10 repetitions.

The more power you can generate off the ground the more speed you'll gain. Power is not just a piece of vertical leaping, it has everything to do with explosively sprinting as well. Concentrate during the entire 8 to 10 reps on getting as high as you can.


Increase Speed With Kbands


The Secret Behind Plyometrics For Speed And Jumping

Notice in the video how quickly the athlete is getting off of the ground. The key to completing a plyometric exercise properly is by explosively jumping off of the ground immediately after hitting. This stretch reflex is the secret behind why plyometrics are so effective for training. Picture your body as a large rubber band. The more that you can stretch the muscles, the more they will quickly pull back to their original state. By landing on the ground you have initiated muscle flexion throughout the body. By immediately jumping off the ground again, you will utilize all the potential within your muscles to leap is high as you can. The more repetitions that we complete during this phase, the more results that we will get. Focusing on explosiveness immediately after landing is how you will effectively enhance your results during this exercise.

How Many Should You Do

The Plyometric Power Splits Drill should be short and explosive. Complete 8 to 10 repetitions with your left leg forward and then with your right leg forward. Between each set you'll take about 45 seconds as a rest period. Continue this pace for 4 to 6 complete sets. Maintain your explosiveness and power through the resistance bands every repetition. Without focus and intensity you will never reach your potential.

Take Your Training To The Next Level With Plyometric Jumps

As you can see, increasing your vertical and speed must take focus and intensity. During this exercise you'll find that you get very fatigued. This is what it takes to take your body to the next level. You have to be willing to pay attention to the technique tips provided and focus on perfecting them. To become a next level athletes you cannot give 50%. You must challenge yourself everyday to achieve greatness. Spend some time browsing through the sport specific training on our website. We have drills and videos that you will be able to utilize for sport specific training to achieve any goal. We appreciate you taking the time to utilize our training and know that we will service you in the future.