Partner Boxing Drills with Resistance Bands

Kbands Leg Resistance Bands During Sparring

While the importance of good technique can never be over-stated in a dynamic game like boxing, it is equally important that the boxer has enough endurance to delay the onset of fatigue. Since sports like boxing and MMA require high bursts of intense energy, it is crucial for these athletes to boost their cardiovascular stamina and muscular endurance. The drills discussed on this page intend to optimize an athlete’s cardiovascular endurance, and at the same time, enhance his athletic skills, such as, footwork, agility, coordination and stamina. The workouts are especially useful for improving the effectiveness of various hand combinations. With the help of our resistance bands, we intend to help the athletes pack powerful punches and kicks for boxing and MMA specific movements.



Building Endurance With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

We begin the workout by incorporating the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands in the boxing routine, which is an impressive way to build your conditioning as well as the overall cardiovascular endurance. Kbands Leg Resistance Bands make your workouts more intense and work your legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles. Strengthening the core muscles improves your balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance, which, in turn results in explosive punches and kicks. One more key feature of our resistance training is that it can help reduce the risk of sports related injuries by improving your overall balance and alignment.

In order to start the resistance training, you simply need to strap on the resistance band around each of your legs just above your knees, clip the two resistance bands together, and your leg muscles are all set for an intense challenging workout. Kbands Leg Resistance Bands place a lot of stress on the quadriceps muscles as they move through linear, lateral, and rotational movements. Therefore, by simply wrapping a strap around each leg and attaching the resistance bands, you will be on your way to a challenging workout.

Using the red, green or blue resistance bands will help get you ready for an intense and fierce drill. Athletes who are younger and less experienced with boxing moves or Kbands Leg Resistance Bands should begin the drill using the Red Level of Resistance Bands. Older ones, who are more experienced with boxing moves and comfortable using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, should advance to the Green Bands. Advanced athletes, who have mastered the Kbands Boxing Basics Drill with Green Bands, can switch to the Blue Level Resistance Bands. The benefit of working out with resistance bands is that it will push your muscles to work harder, and will activate those fast-twitch muscle fibers which are crucial for success in boxing and MMA sports.

How Kbands Leg Resistance Bands Improve Punches and Kicks

Athletes are advised to use the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands throughout the boxing training such as defensive drills, boxing combinations, footwork drills, and even core strengthening exercises, for stronger leg muscles. While sparring, it is suggested to perform boxing moves and boxing combinations like one would, in a competitive match. The partner boxing drills mentioned here will help an athlete throw quick, repetitive boxing combinations and will be helpful in developing boxing basics and proper movements in the athlete.

One golden rule in boxing that must be remembered at all times is that the force of a punch is determined by the strength of your leg muscles and not the upper body. Therefore, while striving to improve one’s punches, one should focus on legs and the core. The power in your legs pushes through your core, and fuels the punches; therefore, our resistance band is a unique tool to engage your legs and core to get more out of your boxing workout.

As we learnt earlier that the resistance bands need to be strapped-on above the knee, after having secured the resistance bands firmly in place, the boxer will assume a good boxing stance in front of his partner. The workout will comprise 3-minute rounds for five sets. In this intensely rigorous workout session, the athlete is required to throw in different hand combinations and maintain the tempo continually throughout the sets.


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Since we are talking about conditioning here, Kbands Speed Jump Rope is yet another product that you should look at for high levels of endurance. While it can be used as a good warm up workout, it can also complement your resistance training for enhanced cardio endurance and strengthening of the core muscles.

Browse through our Free Workouts Section under Boxing and MMA tab to know more about those knock-out punches and explosive kicks; from the beginners guide on getting that punch right to lacing your kicks with explosive force and power, you will get all the tutorials here, on And in case, you are wondering how to get started with your endurance training and conditioning workout, here’s the first step – grab a pair of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and sweat your way towards building high levels of endurance, speed, agility and balance.


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