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Working the Abs and Core: Two Easy Moves for Increased Strength and Performance

Welcome back to the blog! I’m Trevor Theismann, and I’m here to walk you through a quick, high- intensity workout that you can complete at home within about five minutes. In today’s session, we’ll be targeting the abs and core.

We’ve talked about abs and core work during previous video sessions and elsewhere on the site, so before we begin our abs and core workout, let’s quickly review some important points about the abs:

  1. Remember that the abs and core are not as easy to chisel into shape as some of the other muscle groups. A defined six pack doesn’t usually result from strength in the abs and core, but from fat reduction. If you remove the pad of fat that covers the abs and core, these muscles will stand out, but fat loss comes from nutrition as well as exercise.
  2. The core includes the hips, glutes and obliques as well as the abdominal muscles, and building strength in the abs and core can improve tone and condition in almost every other area of the body. When the abs and core are strong, training in general becomes more effective, sports performance improves, agility and balance improve, and clothes fit better. Condition in the abs and core can even contribute to better posture.

So let’s get to work on the abs and core! Grab your KB duo and your resistance band and we’ll get started.



Workout Reps Workout Sets

Oblique Twist


Extended Planks 30 secs 3-4


Abs and Core: Twist Exercises

Wrap the resistance band around a sturdy upright structure, like a stable piece of gym equipment. Standing with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, hold both handles in your left hand and twist away from the anchor point, like I do in the video.

Technique is important for this abs and core exercise. As you twist, don’t just turn your body with your knees. Drop your weight into your hips and bring the move into your mid-torso, abs, and core. If you can feel the resistance in your abs and core, including your hips and glutes, you’re on the right track. If the move feels too easy, re-examine your body position.

Pull the handles to the right for fifteen seconds, then switch position and work your abs and core on the left side.

Working the Abs and Core: Extended Planks 

Next, move to the KB Duo and lean down into push-up position while holding the handles in front of your body. Pressing your body weight into the handles, raise and lower your straight arms while keeping your back flat, like a plank. Keep your hands close together and don’t let your arms extend above your head, since this can injure your shoulders. Again, you should feel the burn in your abs and core. If the tension leaves your abs and core and moves into your arms or legs, re-check your position.

Repeat this abs-and-core move for about 30 seconds.

This workout is short, so feel free to pair it with any of the other targeted workouts on the blog. Try blasting your abs and core and then switching focus to the biceps, back, or legs. As always, we encourage your comments below. Tell us about your progress and contact us with any questions you may have about the abs and core.

Enjoy the workout!


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