Ab Exercises For A Six Pack


Ab Workout: Ab Exercises for a Tight Midsection

Welcome back to the video blog! Today we’ll be completing an ab workout designed to tone and tighten the core and add definition to the midsection. These ab exercises can help you develop a nice washboard, but a few quick notes about six pack abs before we begin:

Keep in mind that six pack abs are more about fat loss than muscle strength. No matter how many crunches and ab exercises we do, well-sculpted muscles won’t be visible as long as they’re covered by a thin pad of abdominal fat. To get rid of the pad and reveal a clear set of six pack abs, we’ll need to talk about nutrition and lifestyle. Which we do! But not right here. Check out our nutrition articles (see the links below), leave a comment, or contact us directly for more info and FAQs about six pack abs.

In the meantime, use this ab workout to build strength and endurance in the abdomen, back and lower torso. For this ab workout, you’ll need your leg Kbands and plenty of floor space. Ready? Let’s get started.



Workout Reps Workout Sets

Wide Bicycles

40 sec

Mountain Climbers

30 sec



16-20 2-3


Ab Exercises: Wide Bicycles

Lie on your back with your leg bands in place. While we complete these ab exercises, the leg bands will add both resistance and stability, supporting our technique by keeping our legs where they need to be.

With your shoulders slightly elevated from the floor and your hands beside your head, pedal your legs while keeping your knees wide. To get the most out of this ab workout, keep your stomach tight. Don’t rock your torso from side to side too much as you pedal. Do about 50 of these.

Ab Exercises: Mountain Climbers

Without pausing, turn over into push-up position and jump into the next move of our ab workout—mountain climbers. Keep your palms flat on the floor and jog in place, pulling your knees toward your chest with each rep. Slow down or speed up to alter the difficulty of the ab workout. Do as many of these as you can in 30 seconds. 

Ab Exercises: Scissors

Lie on your back with your hands under your butt for stability. Extend your legs and keep them straight as you raise and lower them in a vertical scissoring motion. Do about 20 of these.

Complete this entire cycle of ab exercises without stopping, then take a 30 to 40 second break. When you’re ready, start the full ab workout over again from the top. Each of the ab excercises in this ab workout should take about a minute and a half. For a serious burn and great results, move through the entire ab workout as many times as you can in about five minutes.

Feel free to explore the rest of our website for more advice on developing and maintaining six pack abs. And as always, we encourage you to leave your comments and questions below. Enjoy the workout!


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