Lacrosse Mobile Shooting


Lacrosse Mobile Shooting

In the game of lacrosse, successful offensive plays require several elements of strength and technique, including agility, coordination, and accuracy while shooting and passing. To build skill in these areas, players will need to work on form and stick handling while also building strength and responsiveness in the core. Building skill across these areas can be a challenge for coaches, since it can be hard to find drills that keep an entire team in motion at the same time.

The lacrosse mobile shooting drill attacks this challenge and can bring excellent results, since it helps players practice their shooting skills and hone their reflexes at a rapid pace that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the team and the schedule of a given practice session. This drill is easy to set up and quick to execute, and it allows coaches to keep an eye on each player’s development and shooting technique. The drill works for players at any age and any skill level. It can be incorporated into the beginning or end of any training session, and players can also use modified versions of this drill to practice their skills on their own.



Lacrosse Mobile Shooting Drill: Setting Up the Drill

This drill will require a standard set of lacrosse equipment for each player, including a stick and protective gear, and a set of speed and agility cones. Each player will also need a set of Kbands leg resistance bands that can be attached around the upper legs before the practice session begins. Teams will also need lots of balls, a goal, and a coach or player who can deliver each pass by tossing a ball toward each player as they move to the front of the line.

To set up the drill, coaches can place a cone several yards away from the goal that will serve as a starting point. A second cone can be placed several paces away from the first. A few yards between the second cone and the goal, a coach or player can collect all the balls. Teams will warm up and then line up behind the starting cone with the bands in place.

Lacrosse Mobile Shooting Drill: Executing the Drill

At the starting signal, the first player in line will break from the starting cone and sprint toward the second cone with the stick held in position to receive a pass. As the player approaches the second cone, the passer will toss out a ball. The player will grab the ball, sprint past the goal, and deliver the shot. Then the player will loop back around and take another position in the line.

Each player should have a chance to complete at least five executions of the drill from the right side of the net, followed by at least five shots from the left side.

This drill should move fast, and if each pass is delivered and received with speed and accuracy, then players should not spend much time waiting in line. The most important elements of this exercise will be speed, rhythm, and technique. Each of the elements below should play a key role in the session.


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Sprint Speed

At the first cone, the athlete should break into a fast sprint by digging in and driving the knees against the tension of the resistance bands. Athletes will gain more benefits from both the bands and the exercise if they make the most of this short sprint and drive the body forward from the core. An explosive start will also add a challenging element to the passing and shooting move, since receiving the pass and delivering the shot will be more difficult while moving at maximum speed.

Stick Handling Skill

During the sprint, the stick should be held high and light in the palm of the hands, not tight and low toward the wrist. For greater accuracy, players can choke up on the stick and raise the grip toward the net. Players should receive the pass with a cradling motion and continue the sprint toward the goal without losing control of the ball, and when the time comes to deliver the pass, they should release the ball with speed as well as accuracy.

Game Skills

From the first explosive movement at the first cone, players should envision game-like situations. Instead of just sprinting from each cone to the next and delivering the pass mechanically, athletes should imagine a defensive player in close pursuit and should concentrate on moving fast enough to work around this challenge. As with any drill, the more game-like the situation, the more benefit players will gain from the exercise.

Simple Versus Advanced

This drill can move at any speed depending on the number of players involved and the average degree of speed and shooting skill. At a slow pace, the drill can seem simple, but as the overall speed increases, this exercise will become more challenging. For a more advanced drill, teams and coaches can visit and search the lacrosse training section of the site for the dynamic traffic shooting drill. This is a modified version of the mobile shooting drill that will help players develop fast footwork and shooting skills close to the net.

Lacrosse Mobile Shooting Drill: Final Notes

This drill can be worked into any regular practice session any number of times per week, depending on the needs and schedule of the team. But in order to modify the drill and emphasize various skill sets, players and coaches can visit the lacrosse training section of and find drills that focus on a wide range of areas including passing, scoring, and defensive and offensive technique. The website also offers sport-specific training resources for basketball, baseball, track and field, soccer and a long list of other sports. And of course, the site provides an excellent source of information about the strength building benefits of lightweight, portable resistance and suspension training equipment. Visit the site to learn more about the Kbands, KB Powerbands, and KB Duo.


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