Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot


Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot

As part of an ongoing series of shooting drills that take lacrosse players through a wide range of game scenarios involving shooting, passing and scoring, this drill will support the coordination and precision involved in turning a quick pass into a scoring opportunity.

Scoring moments happen fast, and in order to collect a pass and turn it around before defending players can intervene, lacrosse athletes need sharp reflexes and fast hands. The players in the attached video will be demonstrating a quick-hands shooting drill in front of the cage. As players and coaches observe the demonstration, they can note how this drill requires agility, rhythm, concentration, and the ability to keep all the players on the field in a state of high speed motion.

If this drill is executed correctly, every player will have at least six to eight chances to receive a pass and take a shot at the cage from both directions. The faster the drill moves, the more practice opportunities each player will have. And as an added benefit, the distracting motion on the field will give each player a chance to practice concentration and focus. Teams should try to work this drill into their regular practice sessions at least two or three times per week.

This drill requires a small amount of equipment and a few minutes of set up. After the first round of standard shots, the set up will change slightly and the second half of the drill will begin. In the video, the athletes are wearing the Kbands resistance training bands, but teams can feel free to add or forego extra resistance as they choose.



Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot: Setting Up the Drill

This drill will require a goal, a set of speed and agility cones, and a set of standard lacrosse equipment for each player. For the first round, coaches can set up the drill by placing the cones (or larger items, as in the video) side by side in front of the cage on either side of the crease. The cones should be set back about ten yards from the cage, and players should form two lines, one on either side of the cage. Each line should have access to an even number of balls.

Players can stretch, warm up, or attach the Kbands to the upper legs while the drill is being set up. Before this drill begins, it may also help to practice basic passing with a partner or group. Some of the earlier drills in the series can help players get the most out of simple back-and-forth passing exercises.

Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot Drill: Executing the Drill

As the drill begins, the first player in line on the right side will run toward the crease, where he will receive a pass sent by the first player in line on the left side of the goal. As soon as he receives the pass, the first player will send the ball into the net without losing speed. At that point, the first player on the left, the player who delivered the pass, will run toward the center, receiving a pass from the first player on the right.


Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot Team Drill


One after another, the first player on each side will run toward the crease, receive the pass from the first player in line on the opposite side, take a shot at the goal from the left or the right, and continue sprinting to the other side. This drill will require a strong sense of rhythm, teamwork and timing. But as players gain these skills, the drill will move faster and faster. If players are struggling to complete an accurate pass, they can choke up on their stick to gain a little more control.

Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot Drill: Phase Two

After each player has had an opportunity to take six to eight shots toward the goal using the first format, the drill can be modified. In the second phase, the line will be extended across the field at a 45 degree angle. One line of players will run down the field toward the goal, receiving passes and taking shots along the way. The other line will run up the field away from the goal, delivering passes to the first line. Players can use the video as a guide to see the angle of the line and the distance from the goal.  

In this version, all the shots will be taken from the GLE. Teams can execute this drill long enough to allow each player to take at least six to eight shots (also delivering six to eight passes). After completing this number of shots from the left, the line can move to the right and the team can start the process over again.

Lacrosse 2 Man Quick Shot Drill: Final Notes

As always, technique will play an important role in the success of this drill. Players will need to concentrate on staying quick and tight in their motions and hand position. In order to stay in control of the pass and the shot toward the goal, the stick should stay light in the hands and the arms should stay relaxed and extended from the body.

For more modifications of basic shooting drills, and for more cross training lacrosse drills like this one, players and coaches can visit the lacrosse training section of The site provides a growing library of drills for players of all ages and all skill levels, and each drill emphasizes the fundamentals of shooting, scoring, agility, teamwork, and offensive and defensive maneuvering. And Kbands training resources extend far beyond lacrosse—sports specific drills and tutorials now cover multiple sports, including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field and many others.

The site also offers a full range of training equipment, including speed and agility cones and agility ladders. And of course, the site provides as excellent information and purchasing resource for strength training equipment like the Kbands, KB Powerbands, and KB Duo.  


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