Kickboxing Combinations and Hip Flexor Warmup

Kbands Kickboxing Hip Flexor Warmup: Importance and Performance

Hip strength is vital for rotational power and driving the leg up for a powerful strike. It is important to have strong shoulders, triceps, and biceps in kickboxing as well but without hip power punches will be lacking. That rotational power and action of transfer the weight from one leg to the other quickly when throwing punches is where athletes will find that explosive knock out punch. The equipment needed for this kickboxing combination and hip flexor warmup are a partner with padded hand gloves and even body padding and the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.



Practice sparring with a partner and take training to the next level by incorporating the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands for extra resistance and muscle recruitment. This kickboxing combination is going to be a hand jab cross combination followed by a powerful kick. Start with a hip flexor warmup to ensure maximum power and intensity. Perform 5-6 sidekicks per leg after strapping on the resistance bands with the proper level of resistance. Drive the leg up to kick the hand targets that the partner is holding.

Work against the resistance of the Kbands to maintain form to build a strong and powerful base at the hips. This kickboxing workout will be a hand combination and kicks to increase balance and power and is great practice for sparring with a partner. Any kickboxing athlete knows that sound kickboxing performance is built from the ground up. That is why core and hip muscle strength are so important for balance, muscle control, and powerful strikes. This is why it is vital to perform a hip flexor warm-up with a partner before beginning.

Using sport specific movements during a dynamic warmup drill will target the specific muscle groups athletes want to strengthen for optimal force and power. Never skip the warmup before performing a workout. It is crucial to get major muscle groups moving and blood flowing to the muscles so they have optimal oxygen for increased and steadfast performance. This will also help to prevent injury.

After the hip flexor warmup move to the kickboxing combination that will consist of sets of two strong punches and a kick or knee with a partner.

Kbands Kickboxing Combination: Power Packed Punches and Kicks

This combination is for the novice or professional to improve technique and build power behind every strike. By performing this kickboxing combination while utilizing resisted training with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands the athlete will target and optimize the muscles of the hips and legs for even more powerful kicks and balance. The hip muscles are where power for intense punches and kicks originate. Any new kickboxing athlete would benefit from this article on the basics of boxing and kickboxing. The Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will provide more power for that weight exchange from leg to leg for powerful torque which means power packed jabs, hooks, and cross punches. So the Kbands work two fold by strengthening and increasing resistance of the hip muscles: increased quad and hip flexor strength for kicks and hip strength for powerful torque of the body for punches. This kickboxing drill is an all around amazing drill for any athlete looking to up their intensity and power for kickboxing. This jab, cross, kick combination with Kbands is going to ensure unmatched performance. Extra resistance provided by the Kbands allows the muscles to deliver power and balance while sparring.


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Kbands Kickboxing Combination: Performance and Repetitions

This kickboxing combination is great for the novice and the professional to drive in the basics and improve power and speed. The combination will be constant firing hand combination of jab, cross, side kick or knee for 60 seconds, alternating legs throughout. Begin with a partner who has padded hand gloves and even body padding for their protection. The athlete will need gloves and the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Begin the combination with a right jab, left cross, right sidekick or drive the knee up into the glove. This combination is great practice for transferring weight into the strikes quickly and placing full power in each movement. Then alternate to do a left jab, right cross, left sidekick or knee.

The athlete will complete this striking combination for 60 seconds while maintain proper form and pushing through for increased muscle capability and endurance. This combination is challenging training that keeps the muscle under resistance with the added resistance of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. This type of training will increase stamina, balance, and power for sparring while preparing the body with excellent form and endurance. Learn more about kickboxing basics and warmups for beginners by checking out this informative article that will help get athletes on the right track for optimal kickboxing performance.

Perform 4-6 sets depending on level of level of training at 60 seconds of repeating the kickboxing combination per set. Keep moving and keep up the speed for matchless power and endurance while sparring.

Kbands Kickboxing Combinations: Cool Down and Recovery

Complete this kickboxing combination by cooling down and stretching out the muscles used. By stretching the athlete is allowing for greater blood flow to the muscle therefore quicker recovery time and increased performance later. To aid in recovery use the Kbands Recovery Foam Roller. The Kbands Recovery Foam Roller is designed to penetrate the muscle belly for increased oxygen and blood flow thus optimal muscle recovery. It is key for all athletes to know that strength and power aren’t built only during a great training session but also after during the rest period. Recovery time is essential for enduring muscle to be built. Be sure to refuel with water, electrolytes, and proper nutrition after any workout program for complete and incredible athletic performance.


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