Kbands Fast Foot Exercises | Soccer Scramble Drill

Kbands Fast Foot Exercises | Soccer Scramble Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 3rd Jan 2022

Soccer Super Set Workout

Athletes can use superset workouts to better prepare the muscles and cardiovascular system to operate at a much higher capacity. The combination of two exercises performed back to back with little to no rest is known as a superset workout. Soccer players can benefit from performing superset workouts that incorporate ball drills, foot exercises for speed, and stamina training. By combining different skills needed in an actual soccer match, athletes can use a superset workout to improve several soccer specific skills and learn to perform these skills at higher intensities.

Stamina Training And Fast Foot Exercises

To perform the Kbands Soccer Scramble Drill athletes will need one set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, a soccer ball, 4 Speed and Agility Cones, and a coach or assisting partner. Athletes must first pick the correct amount of resistance to use during the superset workout. Younger athletes should utilize the Red Leg Resistance Bands. More advanced athletes should use the Green Leg Resistance Bands during the stamina training.

Athletes will line up in the center of a Speed and Agility Cone Square with Speed and Agility Cones placed 8-12 feet to the front, back, and both sides of the soccer player performing the fast foot exercises. Soccer players will place a soccer ball on the ground in front of them, in the center of the Speed and Agility Cone Square. On a verbal cue given by the partner, athletes will begin to perform toe taps on top of the soccer ball. Toe taps involve the soccer player driving their knees up and alternately tapping their toes on the top of the soccer ball. These foot exercises need to be performed with care because a tap too hard on top of the soccer ball will cause the soccer player to lose their balance or move the soccer ball out of position. After 12-16 alternating taps on top of the soccer ball, coaches or partners will call out a direction such as forward, left, right, or back signaling the athlete to stop the toe taps and explosively sprint in that direction, touch the Speed and Agility Cone, and return to performing toe taps on the soccer ball in the middle of the superset workout cone setup. Soccer players will continue the tap and sprint stamina training for 20-40 seconds for 4-6 resisted rounds. Athletes should take 40 seconds of rest between sets of the fast foot exercises. After soccer players have performed all resisted sets of the superset workout they will remove the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and perform 1-2 unresisted sets of the stamina training. During unresisted sets athletes and coaches need to pay close attention to running form.

Unresisted sets will benefit athletes speed, agility, and explosiveness by forcing a greater amount of muscle activation in the targeted area after the resisted sets of the soccer superset workout are completed. Greater muscle activation means the athlete will be able to produce more force off of the ground with their feet. Unresisted sets also help to increase the speed at which the legs can move. With the additional activation of overall muscle fibers, the fast foot exercises also increase the number of fast twitch muscles fibers in the thighs and hip flexors. This strength and speed in the hips and legs will also affect the ability of the hips and thighs to quickly extend and flex. This means athletes can create much more force off the ground when jumping, quickly decelerating and accelerating, or changing direction.

Maintain Form During A Superset Workout Or Stamina Training

The overall theme of the superset workout is for soccer players to mimic game situations. By maintaining proper running form throughout the entire soccer superset workout athletes will train their bodies to move correctly and efficiently. When soccer players are performing the toe tap portion of the superset workout they will want to maintain a slight forward lean with the chest as they drive their knees up through the resistance. This slight forward tilt of the chest allows for a proper angle at the athletes hips, allowing for more tension to build in the thighs and legs. When this tension is released it creates a more powerful, explosive movement from the athlete. To compliment this forward lean with the chest, soccer players will want to perform the fast foot exercises off the ball of their feet, limiting the number of times the heel makes contact with the ground. Soccer players will also want to utilize a powerful arm swing while performing both the toe taps and when sprinting to and from the Speed and Agility Cones. Working off the balls of the feet, using short choppy steps when changing direction, and maintaining a low chest during the Speed and Agility Cone sprinting portion of the soccer superset workout will allow athletes to better redirect and control their bodies throughout the soccer stamina training.

Soccer Skills Training With Resisted Fast Foot Exercises

Before performing any kind of superset workout or stamina training athletes will want to complete a Soccer Dynamic Warm Up and use the Recovery Foam Roller to release tension in tight muscles. Athletes should also follow a soccer super set workout or training session with additional flexibility training with the Kbands Stunt Strap, and performing additional foam rolling with the Recovery Foam Roller to help with muscle recovery. Correctly implementing these stretching exercises and Soccer Warm Ups will help to increase athletic output during training and competition and help prevent injuries that could sideline your training.

Soccer players and coaches should perform soccer ball drills and more technical drills at the beginning of a soccer workout. Do to the high intensity and high energy requirements of the Fast Feet Soccer Scramble Drill, this drill should be performed toward the end of a training session. This will allow athletes to be less exhausted when performing the fast foot exercises. More energy from the athletes means a more intense soccer superset. This will allow athletes to maintain better running form and body control throughout the soccer superset workout.

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