Health and Fitness Workout Routine


Importance of Regular Health and Fitness Workout Routine

The importance of maintaining health and fitness on an everyday basis cannot be exaggerated. One needs to be very regular and disciplined with his workout to ensure better levels of health and fitness. Only regular and religious workout can ensure consistent improvement in muscle and endurance build up. The workout variations described on this page are aimed at optimizing the result of health and fitness workout while making them fun. The workout involves the use of Kbands leg resistance to increase the endurance and strength.  The workout described here can be increased in effectiveness by gradually increasing the levels of resistance. All this can be done with the help of a partner and a set of Kbands leg resistance bands.

The workout described here can be increased in effectiveness by gradually increasing the levels of resistance. All this can be done with the help of a partner and a set of Kbands leg resistance bands.




How To Perform Health and Fitness Workout With Partner

To start the workout, you will only need some cones, your workout partner and a set of Kbands leg resistance bands in different levels of resistance. To begin the workout, attach the Kbands leg resistance bands you are comfortable with. Then three cones are set up in front of you. The other partner begins to call out the number of the cone and all you have to do is run towards the cone. As soon as you touch the front of the cone you immediately have to back pedal during which time your partner will call out another cone. So for example, if your partner calls out number 3, you sprint towards number 3 then back pedal. As soon as you hear number 1 you sprint towards number 1 cone. Running forward and back pedaling with the Kbands leg resistance bands on, will not only increase muscle strength and endurance but will also lead to muscle activation. As you wear the Kbands leg resistance bands on your legs, you will feel burning in your muscles which indicates that the leg muscles are being strained. The strain on the leg muscles increases stamina and strength. To begin the workout, start off with the middle cone and then move ahead.  It is recommended to push through the active set for 20 seconds before making the switch. You have to do go back in three back pedal while you have to sprint towards the next cone being call out. The entire duration, for which you are running, you are pushing your muscle activation and endurance development.

A workout of this type not only enhances the end results of the workout but also is fun as two people are needed to perform it together.

Benefits of Health and Fitness Outdoor Workout With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

While performing normal athletic health and fitness workout while using cones and Kbands leg resistance bands, you will feel burning in the legs. The burning is an indication of the leg muscles being worked upon. Muscles get activated due to the combination of running and the action of the resistance bands. Also, as the workout involves responding to the calls of the other partner, it helps in developing responsiveness and agility. Listening to the call and immediate responding leads to better coordination and spacing.  While working out regularly, improvement will be seen in coordination and endurance. Pushing through the sets improves stamina and fitness. It is important to use the right level of resistance. It is a good idea to increase the level of resistance of the Kbands leg resistance band if you feel comfortable with the existing resistance. But the change of resistance should be done gradually to avoid any injury and sprained muscles. Using the correct level of resistance will also ensure that you achieve the right muscle development and muscle strength. The benefits of Kbands can only be experienced completely only after you use them. It helps in improving sprinting speed and agility also.

Using Kbands leg resistance bands activates more muscle fibers by exerting them more. This leads the muscles to be more responsive towards the workout regimen.

Things To Be Remember

While working outdoors with the Kbands, there are some points to be remembered to avoid any possibility of injuries and to also extract maximum benefits out of the workout. While you may be tempted to start off with higher level of resistance to achieve your goals faster, it is not recommended to begin with higher level of resistance. You need to give your muscles time to adapt and react to the use of Kbands. Start off with the Kbands of the lowest resistance, workout regularly with it. Only once you feel comfortable and ready to move ahead, proceed ahead with higher levels of resistance.  Using the wrong type of resistance can either lead to under performance or injury.

Working out with a partner has several benefits to it. While you may have fun and find to be less monotonous than your regular workouts, it also is a great motivational booster to work out with one more person. Listening to your partner and responding to his calls also helps in improving balance and coordination. Running and back pedaling while working out with cones can also help in working on spacing by running. Also, the Kbands leg resistance bands help in toning of legs and by monitoring the heart rate improved balance and functioning of the body can be achieved. Use of Kbands leg resistance bands can take any routine workout program a notch higher and can maximize the output.

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