Gym Workouts for Men | Max Cardio Turns

Gym Workouts for Men | Max Cardio Turns

Published by Trevor Theismann on 14th Dec 2021

Victory Ropes Cardio Gym Workouts For Men

Your average fitness enthusiast can benefit from athletic training just as much as athletes. Although exercises may be performed at different levels it is up to the person performing the exercise to determine their goal, and then implement the correct cardio and strength training to meet those goals. Athletes who want to work on their rotational power can benefit from performing the same drill as a non-athlete who wishes to lose weight or strengthen their core. The way gym workouts for men are implemented, executed, and advanced are the key factors in how effective those exercises are in reaching specific personal goals.

Core strength is an important aspect of athletics and everyday life. Athletes who have great strength in their core have greater balance, agility, and body control. These same attributes can also contribute to a more productive and effective life for a person who wants to shed some pounds and look better. Being an athlete and being at the top of your game is important and takes an extremely large amount of work and dedication. However, once athletes have finished competing they can still use the same drills and exercises to keep their post athletic body in top shape.

Cardio gym workouts for men are a great way for athletes, and former athletes, to get their heart rate up, while building muscle, and strengthening their core. These attributes of cardio gym workouts for men are important and fundamental in maintaining a healthy body and helping to fight off chronic diseases. Also, as males age they begin to lose muscle mass and power. Both the decrease in muscle mass and power can be slowed or reversed by implementing great cardio gym workouts for men into a regular training routine. Regular strength training days will help retain muscle mass and help avoid serious injuries. Regular stretching must also be performed in order to maintain joint health.

The Best Gym Workouts For Men Include Rotational Movements

Rotational movements are great for athletes and former athletes alike. By implementing resistance and using a long lever (extended arm) to take the resistance across the midline of the body forces great activation in every part of the abs. As former athletes age and look for gym workouts for men which will keep their bodies strong and healthy they will need to have great core strength. These rotational movements also help to strengthen and possibly avoid low back pain in the future. Greater strength in the core means the low back must do less of the work when bending, turning, or rotating.

Victory Ropes Max Cardio Turns

To perform the Victory Ropes Max Cardio Turns participants will need a single Victory Rope and a partner. Partners will face the same direction, stand side by side, and place their outside hand through the anchor strap. Partners will grasp and close the anchor strap with their outside hand ensuring the hand is secured and will not lose control of the Victory Rope during the cardio workout. Partners will then grasp the Victory Rope with their inside hand, with a few inches of separation between hands. Partners will move 8-12 feet away from each other as they prepare for the Victory Ropes Cardio Workout.

One partner will begin the drill by extending their arm, and rotating their hands across the midline of their body. As athletes rotate they should focus on using their core to control and power the movement. As participants rotate their bodies they should keep a slight pinch in their shoulder blades, maintain a big chest, keep feet shoulder width apart, slight bend at the knees, hips, and ankles, and rotate their inside hip as they turn. This hip rotation is often referred to as “squishing the bug” and is highly effective at forcing greater firing of the abdominal muscles during the Victory Ropes Cardio Workout.

Partners not performing the rotational portion of the cardio gym workouts for men will perform a static hold. Partners will perform the static holding portion of the Victory Ropes Cardio Workout from the same position as the partner performing the active portion of the cardio drill. They will use the same hand and foot placement as their active partners but once hands are extended in front of their chest they will hold their arms in this position. As their partner rotates the tension created on the Victory Rope will force the participant to stabilize with their abs to avoid being turned or pulled.

Executing Gym Workouts For Men

There are two fashions in which this cardio drill can be completed: timed or for repetitions. Athletes who perform the Victory Ropes rotational cardio drill for repetitions should perform 10-15 repetitions before taking 5-15 seconds and alternating roles with their partner. Once both athletes have completed the rotations they will take a 40-90 second break. Athletes should alternate who begins with the rotations and who begins the cardio training with the static hold. Participants should perform 4-6 sets of the cardio rotational exercise.

When performing timed gym workouts for men athletes should try to keep track of the repetitions performed. This will help athletes track their progress and strength gains, but is also a great way to motivate themselves and their partners. To perform the timed variation of the Victory Ropes Max Cardio Turns athletes will perform the active rotations for 15-20 seconds before immediately switching roles into the static hold as their partner switches to the rotations. Allow 40-90 seconds of rest between sets. Partners should complete 4-6 sets of both exercises before moving on with their training.

As participants finish their gym workouts for men they need to keep their bodies healthy. Athletes and former athletes should use the Kbands Stunt Strap at the beginning of every cardio workout and the Recovery Foam Roller following all gym workouts for men. These two fitness devices will not only keep bodies healthy, but will also help increase performance.

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