Victory Rope Spartan Crawls | Endurance Training

Victory Rope Spartan Crawls | Endurance Training

12th Aug 2019

Victory Rope Spartan Crawls | Endurance Training

Athletes require some basic skills when competing in sports; speed, strength, agility, and power. These basic athletic skills can help an athlete and their team win contests and have greater success. However, if an athlete is too exhausted to properly use their body to perform these athletic skills then they may not have the strength or energy at the end of a tough fought game or match to beat their opponent.



Combining endurance training with athletic strength and speed training will help athletes to continue to be powerful and quick, outlasting and defeating their less conditioned opponent. When athletes use endurance training, which completely exhausts the entire body, they are training their body to be quicker and more efficient when producing energy to be used by the muscles late into contests. This upgrade in energy production will help athletes maintain good body positioning, focus more on what is going on with their competition rather than the fatigue felt by their bodies, and most importantly to be more powerful and quick when necessary.

Good workouts which incorporate endurance training will help athletes to improve every aspect of their competitive performance, both physical and mental advantages will be gained resulting in greater success during athletic competition.

How Endurance Training Effects The Body

When athletes are doing any kind of physical activity their bodies are using energy. This energy comes from the food eaten by athletes, this food is then broken down and used for energy. The human body contains three systems for creating this energy: the phosphagen system, glycolysis, and oxidation. The bodies energy production systems begin with the phosphagen system which releases large amounts of useable energy at the beginning of a workout, but runs out of energy after 12-15 seconds of strenuous activity. During glycolysis athletes bodies begin to breakdown carbs and fat cells to replenish this energy supply. This energy system is active for 30 seconds to 2 minutes of strenuous activity. Following these two energy production systems the body begins to oxidize fat as a source of energy. A simple way to think about it is the longer athletes work out the longer it takes athletes bodies to replace that used energy. This is why fatigue is felt late into games as the body struggles to keep up with the energy demands being placed upon it.

Using good workouts which incorporate endurance training will help athletes to train their bodies to be more efficient at producing energy and helping to reduce fatigue late into games. This increased energy production also helps the body to shuttle more energy to the muscles which are being used during competition. Running is a great form of endurance training, however, full body workouts such as the Kbands Workout With Resistance Bands and the Victory Ropes Spartan Crawls are great ways to fatigue the bodies energy systems and increase the endurance of the muscles in the entire body, not just focusing on the legs.

Good Workouts For Endurance Training

Athletes will want to utilize 2 Victory Ropes, 2 Speed and Agility Cones, and a partner for the endurance training drill. First, athletes will attach the Victory Ropes by locating the anchor straps at each end of the Victory Rope and feeding one Victory Rope through the opposite Victory Ropes anchor strap. After this step athletes will feed this same Victory Rope through one of its own anchor straps, then tightly pull the Victory Ropes together. Athletes will then create a loop to be placed around their waist by grabbing the middle of one of the Victory Ropes and feeding it through its own anchor strap creating a hoop for the athlete. Multiple Speed and Agility Cones should be used to set up a boundary which is 36 feet away from the anchor. This will keep the endurance training challenging while not allowing to much tension on the athlete so they can complete the Victory Ropes Spartan Crawls.

Anchors will stand 36 feet away from the end line of the endurance training drill as athletes performing the Victory Ropes Spartan Crawls place the Victory Rope loop around their waist and get in a bear crawl position (hands and feet on the ground, hips are elevated). Athletes and partners will begin the endurance training drill with tension in the Victory Ropes, Victory Ropes are not sagging or drooping toward the ground. Once a verbal cue is given athletes will begin to crawl forward toward the end line of the Victory Ropes Spartan Crawls drill. Once the athlete reaches this marker partners will begin to control the Victory Ropes drill by calling out different directions for the athlete to crawl (left, right, forward, backward). Athletes performing the endurance training will keep their heads pointed forward the entire time and should try to get hands and feet moving at the same rate when moving side to side.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Athletes will perform the endurance training workout for 30-40 seconds before stopping to rest for 40-90 seconds. Athletes may also rotate with their partner, the anchor becoming the athlete performing the drill, and use their partners work time as their rest time. This keeps the Victory Ropes drill constantly moving and challenging for all athletes who are performing the endurance training. Athletes will each perform 3-6 sets of the endurance training.

Make Plays Late In Games

As was talked about earlier, strength and power are excellent tools for athletes to possess which will help excel athletic performance. However, if the body does not have the capacity to produce the energy for these muscles to operate then their strength and power are rendered useless. Only by using endurance training drills such as the Victory Ropes Spartan Crawls, the KB Duo Speed Training and Core Development For Football Players, or the Kbands Wall Drill With Resistance Bands will help athletes build endurance for late in the competition. All of these good workouts will train athletes to perform at a higher level and to outlast their opponents on the field.

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