Fun Partner Workout for Crossfitters and Weightlifters | Kbands Live 143

Fun Partner Workout for Crossfitters and Weightlifters | Kbands Live 143

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

Fun Partner Workout for Crossfitters and Weightlifters | Kbands 143

Sure, you can work out alone but it is a lot more fun with a partner. If you are a crossfitter or a weightlifter you should add a new training element to change up your workout to shock your body to stimulate growth. Weightlifting is a common activity, or even sport, of strength training for developing strength and size in your muscles. It is usually done with barbells or dumbbells in a prescribed manner to stimulate muscle growth. Crossfit workouts have an element of weightlifting or strength training. Crossfit workouts incorporate many elements in one workout session. Elements include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and other exercises.

Pure weightlifting has its benefits and crossfit workouts have their benefits. If you can combine both workouts into one you can achieve even greater results for your workout time. The following video is a fun partner workout that combines these two styles of workouts. Watch the video, perform the exercises, listen and learn about this style of workout and get ready to experience changes in your workout routine and ultimately your body.

Why Workout with a Partner?

If you want to make your workouts more enjoyable then find a friend with similar fitness goals. Commit to this friend to workout out consistently each week. You will find the workouts more enjoyable. They will be a lot more fun as you talk and bullshit throughout the work out, making the time go by much faster. Partner resistance bands training is great because the partner can let you know when your form is less than perfect and needs adjusting to help prevent injury, isolate the muscle properly and continue to stimulate muscle growth. As you lift heavier loads in = your weight training you need a spotter to help with heavier loads. If you like to work out alone, and it works for you, then keep it up. Partner workouts are lot more fun!

Let’s go deeper into the benefits of partner workouts. When you find someone you enjoy being around, who has common interests, is interested in your goals and helping you to achieve them, then this is a GREAT workout partner. Partners are great at helping you get to the gym at your set schedule. Even when you have had a bad day and want to go home after work, you don’t want to disappoint your partner. They are counting on you to show up. Once you get to the gym you get the benefit of the workout but also spending time with your partner. You get a workout in while being able to talk through your crappy day.

The video highlights only partner assisted workouts. While you could make modifications to complete these alone, it’s a lot easier and more fun with a partner. For instance, the Prone Bicep Curl with Alternating Static Hold, is a challenging but fun partner workout. As you work throughout the entire exercise you will get a great muscle pump as you and your partner take turns between the active and static sets. Most of us are competitive and want to win. You don’t want to be the first one to quit so you keep pushing through your set. Your partner wants to complete as many reps as you. Now you have created a fun little challenge, without calling it a competition, where you both will be winners!

A partner is a great motivator and for bouncing around various fitness ideas and approaches. Pick up any health or fitness magazine and you will get a lot of competing and conflicting approaches to fitness and working out. Use your workout time to talk about what you have read. Challenge each other not only in achieving results but also the approach used in your workouts. Share what you have read, try putting it to practice and then modify when it does or doesn’t work.

Working out with a partner can allow you to try different styles of workouts. Straight weight training has its benefits but it is difficult to go really heavy without a partner. Crossfit also has its unique benefits but this is more of a group workout. But you could do it with a friend and get a super workout. The Fusion Cables Partner Resistance Band workout is a fantastic at home partner workout. You can get the same benefits of a weight workout without all of the expensive equipment. Completing a partner resistance bands workout is unlike anything you will get at the gym. You will not get this kind of muscle burn using dumbbells or machines. Resistance bands keep the muscle under tension throughout the entire exercise. Even at the top of the movement the muscle must work to stabilize, both during the eccentric and concentric movement, because the band keeps the muscle under constant tension.

Partner workouts are also beneficial because the muscle is worked longer in each set. While one partner is performing the active movement, the holding partner is completing a static hold, also working the muscle, just in another manner. This style of partner workout places the muscle under tension for a longer period of time. In normal weight training, you complete 10-12 reps of an exercise, about 15 seconds, before taking a break. In this partner resistance bands workout your muscles are under tension for twice as long, 15-20 seconds during the moving set and then another 15-20 seconds while completing the static hold portion of the exercise. Muscle growth is activated by the amount of time the muscle is under tension. Keep to the same rest periods observed in normal weight training and you will feel the muscle burn sooner.

If you need additional ideas for your partner workouts that will be challenging, confusing for your muscles, and interesting so you keep coming back then subscribe to Kbands Live Fitness. Each week we post new workouts. We explain the benefits of each workout and educate you on how to effectively work the muscle to maximize your gains. We also provide eating and diet tips to help you reveal the muscles you are working hard to develop. Follow these workouts each week. Complete them with your partner and you will both see gains in your strength, reduced body fat, how your jeans fit and you will make that T-shirt fit a little tighter.

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