Exercise At Home With The KB Duo Suspension Straps

Exercise at Home: Using the KB Duo Suspension Straps

Use Kbands suspension straps for an at home workout that will result in toned back and shoulders without weights or the gym. This reverse fly and row superset will help to increase strength and fitness using body weight. The KB Duo Suspension straps are easy to use and perfect for a full body, at home workout. These suspension straps allow the user to use their body weight as the ultimate toning and weight loss tool.



To use the Kbands suspension straps, place the KB Duo Suspension Straps at a high level. They can be closed easily between a door and doorframe in the home. The KB Duo straps are easily adjustable making them a versatile tool. Once the straps are in place adjust so that the handles are fairly high. The straps need to be a length that will allow the user to be holding them with straight arms while the body is angled; feet closer to the door or wall than the head. 

Learn more about KB Duo, how to target every muscle group and get the most out of the KB Duo Suspension Strap system by watching and working out with the KB Duo Full Body Exercises video at kbandstraining.com. This video and article will provide even more workouts to target and tone every muscle in the body. And the versatility of the Kbands Duo suspension straps means working out can happen at home, at the park, or anywhere.

KB Duo Suspension Straps: Reverse Fly and Row

Get the most out of this intense workout at home by using proper form. Proper form not only ensures that muscles are being activated but also prevents any kind of injury. After the KB Duo are adjusted to meet the needs of the user, grab the handles and get into a slanted position with feet a couple feet away from the door and full body weight in the arms. At this point, adjust the straps again if necessary. The arms are creating a straight line with the suspension straps and the inside of the wrists are facing each other with the handles in a vertical position. Legs are straight with a slight bend in knees. The back should be in proper alignment, neither flexed nor extended, for increased core activation and calorie burning.

To begin the reverse fly keep the wrists straight and pull the body up in a T-Shape position with a slight bend in the elbows. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and keep the shoulders away from the ears. Keep the eyes looking slightly upward, this will help maintain proper alignment in the neck and therefore down the entire spine. Stop at the top of the reverse fly and hold briefly before slowly lowering back down. Create resistance on the way down and do not just throw the body back into position. Each moment and each movement counts and by slowly moving through the movements the shoulder and back muscles will be burning and toning. Maintain proper alignment throughout the entire movement for optimal muscle activation of the core, back, and shoulders.

The next movement is a row using the KB Duo Suspension Straps. From the bottom of the last reverse fly begin the row; there is little to no rest in a superset. Bring the body up by bending the elbows and keeping them tight against the rib cage to bring the handles inline with the chest. The handles are still held in a vertical position and for even more resistance inch the feet even closer to the door. This will ensure the back muscles are used to their max capability and will help to create those toned lines in the back.

To adjust resistance and difficultly at any point during this intense exercise, move the feet closer to the door for more resistance or farther away for less resistance. Adjust the handles as needed. The KB Duo Suspension Straps are a dynamic yet easy to use system that is perfect for any fitness level and will help the user get in shape, build strength, and exercise in the home. Even if the gym is intimidating, you can still get an intense workout at home that will get the heart rate up and burn calories.

Reverse Fly and Row Superset: Reps and Sets

A superset is a powerful tool in any at home exercise arsenal because it will maximize time and calorie burn. With the Kbands suspensions straps, the user will achieve max effort and complete repetitions to failure. A superset means to complete two exercises in quick succession with little to no rest in between. This will allow for maximum burn and muscle activation. The Kbands suspension straps will allow the user to exercise at home and perform full body strength training exercises and allow the user to achieve the same great muscle utilization as weights.


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Begin the superset with 8-12 reps of the reverse fly with Kbands suspension straps. Move through the reverse fly’s slowly to ensure the shoulders and back are getting maximum utilization. From the bottom of the last repetition of the reverse fly, begin the rows. Perform rows to failure and then take a rest. Take a short 1-2 minute rest and then perform another set of the reverse fly and row with suspensions traps. Complete 3-5 sets depending on fitness level. Multiple sets are of vital importance for the growth of muscular strength and endurance and maintaining a toned body.

KB Duo Suspension Straps: More Training and Information

To take this home exercise routine to the next level use Dynamic Strength XP. Dynamic Strength XP is a 35 minutes workout series to utilize the Kbands Duo Suspension Straps for strength building, toning, and the ultimate at home workout. Build explosive strength with this full body workout system. This is one tool to effectively tone and build strength in the arms, back, core, legs, chest, and every other muscle group. There are endless possibilities with KB Duo Suspension Straps and they are for anyone and exercises can be modified for any fitness level.

Like with any training program be sure to hydrate and refuel after this suspension strap workout. The body needs proper nutrients and water to build muscle and help to achieve a toned and healthy body.


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