Dumbbell and Barbell Workouts at Home


Dumbbell and Barbell Workouts at Home

Dumbbells and barbells are great pieces of gym equipment to help you put on muscle mass. If you have lots of room at home, and money, they are a critical equipment component of any home fitness gym. Athletes and bodybuilders have been using dumbbell and barbell workouts for years to develop their bodies and help them prepare for their sport. They use this equipment to dramatically increase their size. Football players use heavy barbell squats to develop leg strength. They also perform resisted exercises to develop speed and agility to help them be faster off the line. The average person doesn’t need or want to have the appearance of a football lineman. They are striving for improved overall fitness, body definition, and quality of life improvements.

So if you want definition and size, what should you do? Sure using barbells and dumbbells will help you achieve this. The following video details exercises using barbells and dumbbells that will help you gain definition and put on size.




Pros and Cons of Barbells and Dumbbells

Dumbbells and barbells limit where you can workout. Barbells are not mobile so you can’t complete a workout at the local high school. You can’t complete a dumbbell workout at the playground while your kids are playing. A nice sunny day and you are stuck inside performing your workout. How nice would it be to be able to complete your workout outside and get fresh air at the same time? If you don’t have a complete home gym with this equipment you also have to make time in your schedule to get to the local gym. All of this equipment is there and has lots of people who can give you pointers or tips on the proper form, rep range, and exercises to complete. Of course you have to assume they have been properly trained and are knowledgeable. Not performing an exercise correctly with heavy weight and bad form could cause an injury.

Barbells and dumbbells are great for putting on size. There are lots of reasons and advantages to use this equipment. Some of these reasons include:

• There are plenty of exercises and workout routines directing how to use this equipment. There is no shortage of people giving you advice. To build your shoulders you can do lateral raises, upright rows, T-Bar raises, shrugs, or any number of other exercises using this equipment. The variety for use is there.
• As you get stronger you simply add another plate to increase the weight for your chest press.
• The gym has numerous flat bench styles so you can effectively hit your muscles from various angles, helping with their development.
• The gym usually has various attachments: weight belts, weighted vests, and bands that you can add to the bars and your body to increase the resistance and the force that your muscles will be under during the exercise. This added stress on the muscle will create tiny tears that when healed will mean a larger muscle.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of flexibility on how and where to use barbells and dumbbells. To ensure you are consistent in your workouts and achieving your fitness goals it is good to have flexibility in your exercises and the equipment that is used. Resistance bands can be a great substitute for dumbbells and barbells.

Resistance Bands Vs Barbells and Dumbbells

If you think you can only put on size using heavy weights, barbells and dumbbells, then you should reconsider your approach. Resistance bands come in various lengths and strength. This means you can make it as heavy as you need by picking the correct resistance or simply doubling a band. The video showed a chest fly exercise on a Resistance Ball using dumbbells. This same exercise could be performed using a resistance band. Simply grab both ends of the resistance band and attach the center of the band on a stable object behind you. Step out from the object and complete a standing fly. To execute the lateral raises that were performed in the video place one foot on the center of a resistance band and work your arms up to the side holding each end of the resistance band. The band has just replaced the dumbbell.

Another advantage that resistance bands have over barbells and dumbbells is portability. You can complete your workout virtually anywhere with resistance bands. Resistance band workouts, with modifications, allow you to attach the bands to a monkey bar in the park or a backstop at the local batting cage. Now when your kids are playing or at practice you can multi-task and do your workout simultaneously. Resistance bands are not heavy and do not take up a lot of space. This means they can easily fit into a small carrying bag or suitcase. You can continue your workouts on the road if your job requires you to travel. The flexibility of the bands is immense and is only limited by your creativity. This creativity will help to keep your workouts interesting and challenging as you develop new and innovative exercises and ways to use them to build the body definition you want.

Unless you have a complete gym in your home you must go to a commercial gym if your workout consists completely of weights. Gym memberships can be expensive and it might not be conveniently located near your house, office, or somewhere in between. You can argue that once you get to the gym you are focused and get your workout completed. The down side is you have to make sure you get to the gym. It is real easy to develop excuses on why today the workout is just not going to happen.

There is a belief that resistance bands are safer to workout with. If you are an older individual and you workout alone, then you should consider bands. Lifting heavy weights should be performed with a spotter who knows what they are doing. You don’t want to drop a heavy barbell and injure yourself. Resistance bands allow an older individual to still challenge their muscles and stimulate growth because the muscles are safely under tension throughout the movement. Make sure whenever you are weight or resistance training that you focus on your form.

So Which Workout Equipment Should You Use?

You have to consider your temperament. Your dedication and commitment to consistently working out and achieving results. Working out consistently is one component to getting results from effective workouts. The workout in the video was easily performed using dumbbells and barbells but could have been performed with resistance bands. This workout was also performed by two athletes of vastly different ages. If you look for excuses or reasons to not go to the gym then an at home fitness routine might be best for you. If this is you then add resistance training to your home workout routine. You will still get the time under tension that will stimulate muscle growth but don’t have to leave home. Excuse averted!

If you want to lift heavy weights but can’t afford a complete home gym then certainly go and use the dumbbells and barbells at the commercial gym. This is a great option if you are dedicated and can commit to a consistent workout routine. If you don’t have consistency in your workouts you won’t get results!

If you like a lot of variety in your workouts, where you do them or if you travel for your job then certainly add resistance bands to your workout regiment. They can be easily attached to most outside surfaces or used inside with no special attachments. With creativity you can complete many of the same exercises you would perform in the video. The bands are compact and will easily pack into your suitcase so you won’t miss a workout while traveling for work. The bands will tax your muscles during your workouts as much as your heavy weights and the risk of injury has been dramatically reduced.


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