Kbands Soccer Pro Kit

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Take your soccer skills to a higher level with more breakaway speed, ball control and lateral quickness. The Kbands Soccer Pro Kit includes 8 weeks of intense 1 on 1 video training. Utilize Kbands, your Speed Ladder and Agility Cones through a combination of soccer specific and advanced athlete performance based drills. Modifications can be used for younger athletes.

Included With The Kbands Soccer Pro Kit

  • Kbands (Speed Resistance Bands)
  • Speed Ladder (15ft Ladder)
  • Agility Cones (10 Low Profile Cones)
  • Advanced Strength Black Leg Bands
  • Soccer Performance Pro Kit 8 Week Training Program (Downloadable Version: 20 Videos + Calendar)

Build Elite Soccer Skills With Kbands

Increase Speed Today

Utilize the power of Kbands to enhance your results training during soccer specific workouts.  Throughout every resisted set you will increase ball control, attacking speed and explosiveness. As soon as you strap Kbands around your legs you will feel them fire. Set up your agility cones and ladder to enhance your results fast.

Kbands SOCCER Pro Kit

Elite Soccer Training

Kbands + Advanced Blue Bands will help soccer players increase speed and explosiveness with every resisted exercise.

Speed Ladder training will help build foot speed for more controlled moves on the field. (15 Feet)

Agility Cones will allow each soccer player to focus on explosive accelerations and decelerations.(10 cones)

Soccer Pro Kit 8 Week Training Program gives soccer players the day to day workout videos needed to increase their speed and agility fast. (Digital Download) Each workout will help build foot speed, lateral quickness and ball control.

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