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Kbands Soccer Pro Kit

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  • Kbands Soccer Pro Kit
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 Product Description


Take your soccer skills to a higher level with more breakaway speed, ball control and lateral quickness. The Kbands Soccer Pro Kit includes 8 weeks of intense 1 on 1 video training. Utilize Kbands, your Speed Ladder and Agility Cones through a combination of soccer specific and advanced athlete performance based drills. Modifications can be used for younger athletes.

Included With The Kbands Soccer Pro Kit

  • Kbands (Speed Resistance Bands)
  • Speed Ladder (15ft Ladder)
  • Agility Cones (10 Low Profile Cones)
  • Advanced Strength Blue Leg Bands
  • Soccer Performance Pro Kit 8 Week Training Program (Downloadable Version: 20 Videos + Calendar)

Build Elite Soccer Skills With Kbands


Utilize the power of Kbands to enhance your results training during soccer specific workouts.  Throughout every resisted set you will increase ball control, attacking speed and explosiveness. As soon as you strap Kbands around your legs you will feel them fire. Set up your agility cones and ladder to enhance your results fast.

Kbands SOCCER Pro Kit

Elite Soccer Training

Kbands + Advanced Blue Bands will help soccer players increase speed and explosiveness with every resisted exercise.

Speed Ladder training will help build foot speed for more controlled moves on the field. (15 Feet)

Agility Cones will allow each soccer player to focus on explosive accelerations and decelerations.(10 cones)

Soccer Pro Kit 8 Week Training Program gives soccer players the day to day workout videos needed to increase their speed and agility fast. (Digital Download) Each workout will help build foot speed, lateral quickness and ball control.

 Warranty Information

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Product Reviews

  1. Just getting started, but looks great so far!

    Posted by Carolyn on 7th Dec 2016

    I bought this for my 11 year old son to train with indoors during the off season of soccer. He is taking a once a week futsal class, but since we can't afford having him do multiple sessions, plus being on a futsal team, plus doing other workshops (like many of his very wealthy teammates), I am encouraging my son to work on foot skill drills with a ball every other day, and to do drills with K Bands on alternate days.

    When I was looking at the soccer training kit, I noticed that it did not have the option to choose yellow bands (for individuals under 100 pounds). I called and talked with the customer representative about it. At first, he said it would probably be okay to just use the red beginner bands, but when I said that my son is only 85 pounds, he said that he would go ahead and include the yellow bands with my order.

    We received the order and my son has worked out with the bands a couple times doing the beginner speed and agility drills with the ladder. He is excited to improve his speed. There is a traffic speed check machine near his friend's house where they sprint past and compete to get the highest speed. He said he's going to see if the KBands help him get faster. :)

    There are so many drills that he can use on the web site. I don't think he'll have any trouble wondering what to do.

  2. I like it

    Posted by Kyle on 13th Jun 2015

    Great soccer training program. Very challenging.

  3. Fantastic gear for the development of sport specific movements

    Posted by Alex on 18th Mar 2015

    I bought both the Kband and bungee equipment and have seen gains in my agility, foot coordination both on and off the ball and my vertical jump. I highly recommend this stuff for anyone looking to take their game to the next level

  4. Soccer Player's Dream

    Posted by Mika on 20th Nov 2014

    The sport specific training in this video series is great. Lot's of advanced level soccer drills broken down so they are easy to set up and complete.

  5. Great Results

    Posted by Erik on 24th Sep 2014

    The Kbands Soccer Pro Kit has been awesome! Good exercises to get faster and also to train skills whit the ball.
    The results speak for themselves and that´s why I gonna keep training whit the Kbands.

    At the beginning it felted a bit different to work with the Kbands but as the days goes on, I got more comfortable.

    Results BEFORE

    5/10/5 : 5,24 sec
    3 Cone Drill : 8,22 sec
    40 Yard Dash : 6,27 sec

    Results AFTER

    5/10/5 : 5,05 sec
    3 Cone Drill : 7,98 sec
    40 Yard Dash : 5,34 sec

  6. My skills have gotten so much better...

    Posted by Jose on 26th Jun 2014

    My skills have gotten so much better. My ball handling has improved. My speed has improved. And my overall conditioning is great.

    Great ball work in these videos too.

  7. AMAZING results in a short amount of time!!!

    Posted by Jackson on 9th Apr 2014

    Was very impressed with this program. I just finished and my skills have improved dramatically. I feel very in control. The skills training section is the best.

  8. Great Training Program

    Posted by L. on 31st Mar 2014

    I am about three weeks into this training program and the videos are great. Very help learning technique. My ball control has improved dramatically and training with kbands has made my legs so much stronger. My speed is getting better as well. I will update my progress when I finish the program.

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