Butt Workout For Women With Resistance Bands


Butt Workout For Women With Resistance Bands

Are you looking to mix up your workout? Glute exercises are some of the highest searched workouts for women. If you would like to tone your butt then resistance bands are a great way to optimize your results. Review the video below and begin exercising.




Butt Workouts For Women

The first exercise is going to be the traditional fire hydrant with Kbands resistance bands. These bands will allow full range of motion while you complete this exercise. As you can see, when you lift your leg out to the side, your hips and glutes will immediately fire. Just like completing squats with weights, more resistance will increase your results. Complete five sets of 30 seconds on the right and left leg. Also maintain a flat back with good posture.

Combine Two Exercises For Better Results

As you become more advanced it may be time to mix up your workout. Combine the fire hydrant exercise with a rear raise. First, you will lift your leg out to the side completing the fire hydrant, and then you’ll bring your leg back in and slide it back. Keep your legs straight and hesitate briefly. As you bring your knee back you will then move back out to the fire hydrant where you will repeat the process. Complete an additional five sets of 30 seconds on each leg during this combination move. After your 10 sets you will feel a tremendous burn. Spent some time walking around and loosening up your glutes after this superset. For more exercises browse around the fitness training section to better sculpt your body.


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