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Am I Too Old to Lift Weights | Effective Workout For All Ages

You are never to old to lift weights and the best time to start weight training was YESTERDAY! Weight training is not just for body builders. People at any age can benefit from weight training because it helps to prevent or slow the affects of aging. Weight training can even reverse or prevent some of the affects of aging.  Some studies show that weight training provides more long-term health benefits than cardio workouts. Weight training helps to slow muscle loss (sarcopenia) from aging. We lose 3-8% of muscle every 10 years after age 30. This loss accelerates when we hit the 60’s. Getting started with resistance band weight training is easy. The following video is a good at home weight workout that will help you maintain and improve your muscle mass. There are many other Fusion Cable workouts on the site that can be performed no matter where you are in your weight training and fitness journey. Watch the video, notice that Trevor and Carl are about 30 years different in age. Carl started weight training in his early 40’s and is now in his 60’s. Perform the workout and read on for more reasons why you MUST start or continue weight training regardless of your age.




Other Benefits From Weight Training

Weight training just may be the fountain of youth. It provides you with many anti-aging benefits in addition to developing or maintaining a great physique. You are never too old to start. According to the NY Times, resistance training helps to stimulate muscle stem cells called satellite cell. Adding these new cells into your system seems to help the mitochondria rejuvenate or repair themselves. After 6 months of twice weekly strength training the genetic structure of the older muscle is “reversed” by nearly 15 or 20 years. WOW!

Strength and weight training also help the neuromuscular system, your hormones, and protein uptake. WebMD suggests that a weight training regiment with increasing resistance will allow protein to be more easily absorbed into the body in as little as 2 weeks in older adults. Protein is critical to build or maintain your muscle. Also, as we age our testosterone and DHEA levels decline. After just 12 weeks of weight training the free testosterone and DHEA levels may significantly increase. Increasing these hormones will help your energy levels, strength levels and can improve your sleep. Weight training can improve the quality of your life no matter when you begin.

As we age our bones become more susceptible to arthritis, osteoarthritis, or osteoporosis. These diseases can be painful, cause reduced mobility, or put you at a greater risk of fractures. Weight training at any age helps to keep the muscles strong around the damaged joints. Strong muscles lubricate the joints and controls swelling in the joints. Strong bones help prevent fractures in the event of a fall. Weight training can also prevent or lessen the impact of these diseases. Weight training can prevent some of these diseases. As we age our posture can change because the bones are weaker and the muscle is not strong enough to hold us upright. Hence, many older adults are stooped in the shoulders and neck. Weight training will help to combat this. The video has great core exercises like the Resisted Ab Roll-Ups and the Oblique Rotations Using Victory Ropes that will build strong muscles in your core. Strong core muscles will help keep you upright, reduce back pain, improve your flexibility and add quality to your life. Weight training at any age will provide more life extending attributes than cardio.

Studies have shown that weight training controls belly fat better than cardio exercise. Belly fat, called visceral fat, is also located around your internal organs. Visceral fat is particularly dangerous around your heart muscle. A study showed that men who weight trained 20 minutes daily had less age related belly fat over men who did aerobic activity. One more reason that weight training is beneficial at any age. You should start a consistent weight training regiment now.

Weight training also helps to improve your brain function. As we age our cognitive abilities can decline, as well as our memory. A University of British Columbia study showed that weight training could slow mental decline, improve your memory and even prevent dementia. Weight training can support your mental capacities allowing you to live independently into your golden years.

How Do I Start Lifting Weights to Get These Benefits?

You are never too old to start lifting weights. If you are new to weight training, regardless of your age, there are some steps you should take before starting your workouts.

• First, ensure you are healthy enough to begin weight training. Make sure your doctor agrees you are able to start a weight lifting, resistance band routine.

• Second, start slow using lighter weights. While performing your resistance band weight workouts remember to focus on your form. It is important that you learn to isolate and concentrate the muscle being worked. Weight training at any age is not difficult and anyone can do these workouts to get the benefits of consistent workouts that will build muscle mass, activate your hormones, help prevent or reverse diseases and improve brain functions that will add quality to your life.

• Third, the frequency is important. When first getting started plan to train 3 or 4 times a week. Expect to be sore after each workout but don’t let this prevent the next workout. Muscle soreness is a reminder that you worked the muscle well, it is working to repair itself from the workout, and you are getting the benefits you are working toward. Eventually the soreness will lessen as your muscles adapt to the development you are placing them under. Of course, when the soreness no longer occurs after a workout it is time to change the workout to again stimulate the muscle and continue the health benefits from this style of workout.

• Fourth, find more workouts at Kbands Live Fitness to keep challenging your muscles and keep your workouts interesting. Subscribe to the channel and get new workouts every week. You will also be able to ask questions and get guidance on any question you may have as you work to improve the quality of your weight training workouts.

• Fifth, if motivation is a challenge for you to maintain consistent workouts then find a partner. Trevor and Carl workout 5 times every week. They help to support and challenge each other to do more. They also don’t want to miss a workout because they are more enjoyable in the partner style. Start your weight training now, regardless of your age and start reaping the benefits of improved health and quality of life.


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