Best Lower Abs Workout


Best Lower Abs Workout

To get the best lower abs workout athletes must ask themselves two questions. First, what are the abs supposed to do, and what is the best way to put the most tension against that movement. The answer is not with heavy weights or sit up benches, but it lies within the athletes own mass and weight.

The KB Duo Suspension Trainer raises the athletes lower body off the ground into a parallel position with the head and back. The muscles which are keeping the low back from collapsing and the hips from falling toward the ground lie in the upper, middle, and lower abs. Athletes can feel the effects of their lower abs working against gravity as they simply stay in a neutral position with their feet elevated in the KB Duo Suspension Trainer.

After becoming comfortable with the KB Duo Suspension Trainers elevated feet and hip position athletes can continue to challenge the upper, middle, and lower abs by causing flexion, extension, side to side, and forward movements with the hips. These movements will intensify whatever lower abs workout athletes are performing, resulting in greater definition and strength gains in the lower part of the athletes abs.



Best Lower Ab Exercises

To begin any lower ab workout with the KB Duo Suspension Trainer athletes will first have to learn how to get set in the Suspension Trainers Foot Cradles. Athletes will place both feet in the foot cradle so the top of their foot is against the bottom of the foot cradle. From this position athletes will turn so their chest and eyes are facing the ground, then place their hands under their elbows and push the floor away from them. From this elevated position athletes will want to roll their hips underneath them and keep a flat back, with fully extended arms. Any bending at the arms, hips, or low back will compromise the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the lower ab exercise.

Once the athlete is in a stable position they can begin to perform the KB Duo Challenger Sequence. This sequence of lower ab exercises will move at different tempos and intensities to confuse and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles.

The first exercise in the KB Duo Challenger Sequence is the Atomic Pushup. To complete the Atomic Pushup lower ab exercise athletes will move into a good position on the KB Duo Suspension Trainer, perform a pushup, then perform a simultaneous knee drive as the athlete pushes up from the pushup. As athletes lower back down to the ground they will quickly extend the legs back out, repeating the pushup knee drive motion of the Atomic Pushup for 8 total repetitions.

After completing the KB Duo Atomic Pushups athletes will immediately move into an ab exercise known as a Pike. The Pike movement requires the athlete to challenge the muscles of the lower abs by greatly flexing at the hips, while leaving the legs and knees straight. This lower abs movement puts great amounts of tension on muscles which are normally aided by larger muscles in the hips and thighs.

To complete the Pike abs movement athletes will stay in the same suspended face down position on the KB Duo Suspension Trainer. Athletes will push the ground away from them, drive their arms and legs together, and raise their butt and hips high into the air. After reaching their maximum height athletes will lower their hips and butt back down in a controlled manner, ensuring the hips never sag and go below parallel. Athletes will complete 8 total repetitions of the Pike lower ab exercise before immediately moving into the next lower ab exercise in the KB Duo Challenger Sequence.

Work Lower Abs With Suspension Trainer

The final two lower ab exercises in the KB Duo Challenger Sequence are similar, but allow athletes to really challenge the strength of the lower abdominal muscles.

After completing all 8 repetitions of the Pike exercise athletes will immediately move into a knee drive. To complete the Knee Drive athletes will maintain a stable and parallel position with their body as they push the floor away from them, and bring their knees into their chest. In a controlled manner athletes will then extend the legs back out before repeating the Knee Drive motion for 8 repetitions.

All of the previous lower ab exercises mentioned should be performed in a manageable and stable pace for the athlete. Going too fast on the Atomic Pushup, Pike, or Knee Drive will result in diminished results, and possible injury. For the final lower ab exercise in the KB Duo Challenger Sequence athletes will move into a higher paced, short burst exercise known as a Suspended Mountain Climber.

After completing the Knee Drive athletes will immediately move into the Suspended Mountain Climber by driving one knee toward the chest, then extending that leg back as the opposite knee drives into the chest for one repetition. Although the tempo will be faster for this final lower abs burnout exercise athletes and coaches still should maintain good body positioning with hips and chest squared up to the ground, not allowing excessive rotation at the hips or shoulder. Complete 8 total repetitions of the Suspended Mountain Climber to complete the first set of the KB Duo Challenger Sequence.

Athletes will take a 60 second break before moving back through the entire lower abs sequence. Athletes will complete 4-6 total rounds of the KB Challenger Dup Sequence.

Full Body Exercises For Lower Abs

One of the things which makes the KB Duo Suspension Trainer such a great exercise tool is its incorporation of the entire body into the targeted motion. Even during this lower abs sequence athletes are using the chest, shoulders, and legs to help the lower abs grow and strengthen.

Athletes can go to the Training Section to learn about additional full body exercises with the KB Powerbands, Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, or Victory Ropes.


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