How to Get a Ripped Six Pack


Abs Exercises: How to Get a Ripped Six Pack

Crunches and abs exercises designed to generate a ripped six pack don’t always bring the fast, deeply defined results that many of you are looking for. If you are experiencing frustration and slow progress around the midsection, it’s usually because a successful abs workout requires a two-fold approach, one that emphasizes both strength building and fat loss.

Also, ripped, visible abs don’t usually come from a routine of standard crunches and simple strengthening moves that rely on body weight alone. Abs sculpting requires two important features that often missing from a traditional, straightforward workout routine. The first is a commitment to fat loss, which includes close attention to heart rate, diet, and overall lifestyle. And the second is a set of abs exercises that go beyond crunches and introduce an additional element of resistance that body weight workouts can’t provide.


Ripped Abs: Why Body Weight Workouts Aren’t Always Enough

The abs are strong, and as part of the large muscle group that makes up the core, tight, toned abs contribute to overall strength, agility, spinal stability and general health in too many ways to count. No harm and great benefit can come from strengthening the abs with thousands of crunches. Even if they aren’t visible, powerful abs form a foundation that supports total body strength and athletic success.

But for many of you, this isn’t quite enough. For body builders especially, abs exercises don’t stop when the abs are strong; they also need to be visible and clearly defined. To reveal the tight connective tissue that forms the familiar grid over a ripped midsection, you need to attack and reduce fat as well as build muscle.

But fat loss can’t be targeted to specific areas of the body, and even on lean-looking people, a thin layer of body fat usually covers the stomach area. This layer can persist long after body fat in other areas has been melted away. Getting rid of this fat layer requires the same approach used to target fat in other sections of the body.

To remove the fat and let the abs show through, you need to focus on abs exercises that elevate the heart rate quickly into the fat burning zone and keep it there as long as possible. Once the heart rises to a level between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum rate, metabolic processes are activated that target fat reserves, and as long as these processes are underway, the fat layer on the midsection is under assault, as are fat deposits in every other area.

If abs definition is your primary workout goal, these heart rate-boosting exercises should place intense pressure on the abdominal muscles. And since ordinary crunches and body weight workouts alone don’t always tax the abs enough to maximize strength building efforts, Kbands can be used to add additional resistance and tension. Some great abs exercises that rely on the Kbands are demonstrated in the video below.

Meanwhile, those of you looking for six pack abs also need to pay attention to diet, stress management, sleep habits and other lifestyle factors that contribute to fat reduction.

Abs Exercises: One Leg Toe Touches

You should begin this set of abs exercises by lying flat on the floor, face up, with the Kbands in place just above the knees. The arms should be raised over the head and the hands should be together. You should then raise the right leg into the air while keeping the knee straight and the other leg flat against the floor. While raising the leg and working against the resistance of the Kbands, you should bend at the torso and reach up toward the elevated leg, keeping the hands together.

These abs exercises should generate intense pressure in the hips, lower abs, and obliques. Six of these abs exercises should be completed on one side and then the other. You should jump quickly into the next set of abs exercises without any pause or rest period.

Abs Exercises: Mountain Climbers

After six lifts on the right side and six on the left, you should reverse position quickly by turning face down and centering the weight on the palms and toes. The back should be straight and the abs should be tight as you begin a rapid six second set of mountain climbers. The right knee should come up to the chest, followed quickly by the left, in a motion that resembles running in place.

While staying balanced and under control, you should complete as many of these mountain climber abs exercises as possible within six seconds. This can be very tiring and should create a powerful burn in the upper and lower abs. These two exercises combined in quick succession should also elevate the heart rate rapidly.

After the first set of both toe touches and mountain climber abs exercises, you should pause and rest for a period for eight seconds. The entire set of both abs exercises should be completed three times.

Abs Exercises and A Defined Six Pack: Final Notes

In addition to abs exercises like these, a defined six pack will require careful attention to diet and caloric intake. If you are looking for ripped abs need to be very careful about what they eat and when, and should load up on green vegetables, whole grain carbs like rice and oatmeal, and lean proteins like poultry and fish. Red meats like beef and pork, excess sugar, and high fructose corn syrup can all undermine even the most intense abs workout routine. So can skipping breakfast. You should keep blood sugar regulated throughout the day by eating many small meals instead of one or two large ones, and they pay should attention to sleep habits, water intake and stress management.

For more tips on fat reduction and creating definition in the abs, and for more information about suspension and resistance training equipment, visit the Kbands website at Kbands



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