Baseball Fundamentals | Fielding Ground Ball | Kbands FSB’s

Baseball Fundamentals | Fielding Ground Ball | Kbands FSB’s

When athletes practice fielding ground balls it is important they use proper footwork and body positioning. Correct form and body positioning are advantageous for baseball players even after they have fielded the ground ball. Proper body positioning and movement will allow athletes to position themselves so they can field the ground ball, then be in a good position to make a strong baseball move after the baseball is secured.

Along with focusing on baseball fundamentals, the Kbands FSB’s (forehand, short hop, backhand) Drill combines with resistance to allow athletes to properly warm up their glutes and hips before fielding ground balls or performing other baseball activities. Utilizing this active warm-up with Kbands allows athletes to achieve a higher level of muscle activation in their legs, hips, and core than they would if athletes fielded ground balls without resistance. This greater muscle activation will allow for quicker lateral movements, as well as increased rotational power, which is great for increasing bat power and pitching velocity.

Of course the main point of a “warm-up” is to ready the body for a large volume of athletic activity. Performing this baseball fundamentals drill allows coaches and athletes to reduce the amount of injuries to the knees, hips, and lower back while enhancing the athletic performance of the athletes who perform the Kbands FSB’s before a game or training session.



Who Should Utilize Kbands FSB’s And When Should This Baseball Fundamentals Drill Be Performed?

The Kbands FSB’s are a great way for athletes of all ages to work on fielding skills in a closed, controlled environment. This baseball fundamentals drill can be performed by athletes of all ages. However, the younger or less experienced the athlete is at fielding ground balls the more they should practice this baseball drill. Although older more experienced athletes should also practice this baseball fundamental drill their frequency of performing the baseball drill will be less than younger athletes, or athletes switching from a position which does not see a high volume of ground balls.

Athletes should perform the baseball drill at the beginning of a training session. This will allow athletes to properly prepare their legs, core, and hand eye coordination for fielding ground balls during practice or warm-ups.

Become Fundamentally Sound When Fielding Ground Balls

To perform the Kbands FSB’s athletes will need a set of Kbands and a baseball glove. Athletes will attach the Kbands just above the knees, put on their baseball glove, and position themselves in a good fielding stance. This baseball fielding stance should include hands out in front of the body and a straight back as athletes bend at the hips and knees not allowing the knees to come over the toes.

Athletes will perform 20-30 second timed rounds of the baseball drill in which athletes practice fielding ground balls by rotating through different fielding positions. Athletes will first mimic fielding a ground ball which has been hit right to them, requiring little to no movement. Athletes will then step back with their foot on their non glove side and mimic making a backhand snag on a ground ball. Athletes will rotate back to the center and then step back with the foot on their glove side and mimic making a soft catch on a ball which has taken a short hop. Athletes will rotate through these three fielding positions for 20 - 30 seconds before resting. Athletes will perform 3-4 sets of the baseball fundamentals drill to help fine tune body positioning and movements while fielding ground balls, as well as warm up the legs and hips.


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Proper Body Positioning When Fielding Ground Balls

While athletes are moving through the three fielding positions it is important proper body control is utilized to make movements smooth and fluid, while achieving greater muscle activation in the legs and hips.

Athletes need to be sure their baseball glove is in the proper position. Athletes need to always keep their glove out in front of their body when fielding ground balls. Athletes may begin to miss or make poor plays on ground balls if they are holding their baseball glove to close to their body, or are reaching for the balls as they move toward the athlete. Fielding the ball cleanly is a big part of playing an infield position. Coaches and teammates throughout the Kbands FSB’s Drill should emphasize this baseball skill.

Athletes need to practice good spacing with their legs as they move through the baseball drill. In a normal baseball stance athletes will want to keep their feet shoulders width apart while fielding ground balls. With added resistance this body positioning will receive even greater attention as athletes push against the resistance, not allowing the Kbands to pull the athletes knees or legs together as they switch from one fielding position to the next. Focusing on this aspect of the baseball fundamentals drill will allow athletes to achieve greater muscle activation in their glutes and hips. This greater muscle activation in the lower extremities will lead to quicker more fluid lateral movements as well as improve reaction times, allowing infielders to field ground balls which may be just on the edge of the athletes fielding range.

Being in the right position, at the right time, is a key to athletes fielding more ground balls and making more plays in the infield. By practicing and mastering these baseball fundamentals from an early age athletes will attain the skills, which are required to become a great defensive infielder.

Before performing the Kbands FSB’s athletes need to take steps to prepare their body. Head to the Training Section and check out demonstrations on how to utilize the Kbands Recovery Roller to increase range of motion in the hip flexors and glutes. These stretches will allow athletes to achieve and maintain a greater range of motion in their legs and hips as they move through this baseball fundamentals drill.


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