Why Pain Never Goes Away - The Trevor Theismann Show 1022

Why Pain Never Goes Away - The Trevor Theismann Show 1022

Published by Trevor Theismann on 11th Feb 2022

Pain is a funny thing. You can get pain from an overworked muscle, an acute injury, or something you have acquired over years of overuse. The problem with pain is that it never seems to truly go away. An injury that is rehabbed properly can go away. It seems as though, lingering inflammation and overuse from day-to-day life causes constant nagging. If you do not workout at all, you will still experience nagging pain. In my experience working with adults and children of all ages, working out can control the pain and improve quality of life. You can create soreness in areas that you need more blood flow. This blood flow leads to properly functioning muscles. A joint that does not want to move, if moved correctly and trained properly, can still function in every day life. On the other hand, if you leave a problem area alone, it seems to deteriorate quickly. To maintain a mobile body, controlling the pain and range of motion is essential. Listen as I discuss this concept in greater detail.

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