Jump High | Jumping Exercises

How To Dunk, Jump Higher, or Be More Explosive

How to jump high is a question often asked by athletes looking to improve their verticals for a sport specific need. Whether they are looking to dunk a basketball, spike a volleyball, improve a cheerleading stunt, or become more powerful in any given sport, athletes can use drills such as this to learn how to jump high. Technique and explosive focus is needed when working on jump height. Athletes must pay close attention to the details below to enhance the results of this drill.



Plyometric Jumping | Forward Speed Jumps

During this first portion of the drill the athlete must strap on their leg resistance bands. Next athletes need to approach 4 to 6 boxes equally spaced apart. Boxes should be between 2 and 3 feet apart depending on the fitness level of the athlete. If the athlete is more advanced the boxes can be spread apart farther. If the athlete is a beginner, the boxes must be closer together.

During the Speed Jump Exercise each athlete must work to get over each obstacle as fast as possible leaving no hesitation in between jumps. The least amount of time spent on the ground the better. Every jump should be quick while still maintaining soft feet. Heavy loud thuds will be hard on the body, so soft feet are a definite necessity.

Kbands Enhance Plyometric Results

Kbands, legs resistance bands, are an added bonus to every plyometric drill. During the Speed Jumps Exercise each athlete will focus on leg position when landing. When Kbands are worn the resistance inward fires the muscles throughout the hips. The hips are in charge of internal knee rotation and internal knee rotation is where many problems can occur such as ACL injuries. By training with Kbands athletes can help prevent hip and knee instability while developing strength in their jumping muscles. The hips, glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings are all the major contributors to jump height. To jump high these muscles must be strong and developed. When using Kbands athletes will find themselves developing the strength needed to jump higher, and the joint stability to help prevent injury.


Jump High | Sequence Two

The second portion of this drill is all about jump height. The boxes now need to be positioned a little closer together. As mentioned before more advanced athletes should have spread the boxes out wider to challenge jump distance while maintaining speed. Distance is not the focus during the second portion of this drill. After the boxes are in the correct position athletes must work to jump as high as possible over each box. Immediately after landing athletes must explode upward and get over the next barrier. Plyometric exercises will give drastic results if done correctly. If athletes hesitate in between landing and jumping they will defeat the whole purpose of the drill. The key to every plyometric drill is getting off the ground as quickly as possible. This overload and explode concept is what changes neurological and muscular functions. Athletes must jump up as high as they can, land, and explode back up again over the next barrier.

Plyometric Jumps | How Many Is To Many

The key to knowing how many plyometric sets to do is all about feel. Athletes must be as explosive as possible throughout every single rep. As soon as the athlete begins to fade and 110% intensity is no longer attainable, athletes should end the drill. For best use of this drill allow a day of rest in between resistance training days. With fresh legs athletes should be able to complete 2 to 4 sets of each of the Speed Jumps and Jump Height Sequences over the obstacles.

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