Why Train Athletes with Kbands


Why Use Kbands

Kbands are convenient.  They are not a new technology.  Resistance has been added just above the knee in all levels of training.  Bands are wrapped around the knee in rehabilitation centers and strength and conditioning facilities all around the world.  What Kbands offer, which has not been offered before, is the ability to move naturally with resistance due to the strap.  The strap keeps the bands in place while the tension added from the bands fire the glutes and hips. The quads and hamstrings can also be fired using specific isolated movements.

Why is it important to train these core muscles?  The knee is one of those injuries that are tough to come back from.  What most people do not know is that the knee’s stability comes from the glute muscles.  The glute muscles prevent internal rotation of the femur.  When an athlete has weak glutes they are more susceptible to acl injuries.  They are more likely to get to “the point of no return” for the knee.  This means that the knee has internally rotated or shifted inward with little to no resistance, which has caused the ligaments to give.  This “give” is what is known to most as an acl tear, or an acl strain of some kind.


So by strapping Kbands on, an athlete will fire his or her glutes instantly.  The resistance pulling the knees inward causes the glutes to make up for the pull and turn on.  In doing this, an athlete’s glutes will strengthen, along with improving their hip stability, and overall core strength. 

Not only are Kbands used for injury prevention; they are a great performance enhancer.  Kbands offer athletes the opportunity to train in sport specific movements.  They will add resistance to agility work, strengthen the large accelerator muscles of the legs used for speed, and give athletes a feather like feeling in their legs after they take the Kbands off for competition.  Training with Kbands will give you results.  

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