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Volleyball Player Strength – How to Jump Higher

Jumping Height is essential in volleyball.  It’s no secret that volleyball blockers and volleyball hitters must have great jump height and leg strength. Volleyball players must tone their legs and realize the importance of power in the hips and legs for blocking at the net as well as being able to react quickly to balls that are from side to side.  Learn how to improve volleyball vertical jumps and build explosive jump height to help dominate the competition and reach your volleyball goals.  



Glutes Bridge Legs March Volleyball Drill

This volleyball drill is a combination of two exercises. The first static hold you see in the beginning of this volleyball video is called a glutes bridge. The next portion of the drill is where the volleyball players march their legs out.  This portion of the volleyball drill is called bridged marchers. What this exercise does is build strength in the volleyball player's glutes and hamstrings, which are major contributors to jump height

Volleyball players must make sure they are aware of the do's and don'ts of this volleyball drill. When the volleyball players start in the glutes bridge position the hips must be up with the spine straight. This means that from the volleyball players knee all the way to the shoulders should be in a straight line. Volleyball players should not be above this line making the volleyball player hyperextend her back, nor should it be below the straight position in more of a sagged position, because this will not turn on the glutes near as much as a flat back will.  Also during this position volleyball players must make sure that the knees stay wide and do not slide inward. When using Kbands volleyball players will be able to strengthen their hips easily by simply controlling the resistance of the bands. Volleyball players should remember that fast lateral movements are due to reaction time and strong hips and core. If the hips and core are weak, then volleyball players will hesitate before being able to move. If the hips and core are strong then when a volleyball player’s body is demanded to move laterally, then it will be able to move with ease.

The next portion of this volleyball drill is bridged marchers. After about a 10 second hold in the glute bridge position the volleyball players will begin marching. Volleyball players will slowly march their feet out to near a straight leg position.  Be sure to have some bend in the knees to help stimulate the hamstrings and glutes. The volleyball players then will rock from side to side stepping up and down from heel to heel while keeping the butt off the floor. Be sure to keep neutral feet just outside the shoulders. This will help volleyball players fire the hip muscles.


Improve Leg Strength For Jump Height

How Many Reps

The glutes bridge volleyball drill is based on the volleyball player’s fitness level. The static hold can be upwards of 45 seconds to a minute or as short as 15 seconds to 20 seconds. They will then slide their legs out marching continuously into the bridged position. Depending on the volleyball players fitness level the time duration may need to be as short as 15 to 20 seconds or, again, upwards of a minute. The more advanced volleyball players can go for higher numbers and less advanced or beginner volleyball players should start at the lower numbers.

Importance of Kbands During This Drill  

In order for volleyball players to be athletic and move quickly with persuasion it is all about body control. To have great body control volleyball players must develop the glutes and hips. Kbands are designed to develop glutes and hips as well as build great body control. By fighting against the resistance inward a volleyball player’s body will naturally develop the muscles that are needed to increase lateral movement as well as power and stability in the hips. These are very important attributes for volleyball players. When the volleyball is struck, volleyball players need to be able to react quickly and effectively. A weak volleyball body will hesitate as the body shifts to the joints and has extra movements. A strong volleyball body can move instantly due to muscle development. Kbands are great to incorporate during volleyball warm-ups, volleyball stretching, and volleyball practice sessions. Kbands are very diverse and are a great tool for volleyball drills in order for all players to gain strength for higher vertical jumps.   

Jumping Height Advantage

Our great training program, the Athlete Performance Pack, includes 5 DVD's and will help improve vertical jumps, agility, speed and quickness.  Volleyball players who are looking to increase their jumping height and have an advantage over the competition will benefit greatly by utilizing our Athlete Performance Pack. It will help volleyball players improve their strength and improve their court performance. Kbands allow volleyball players to achieve a greater range of motion and move more freely while they are working to improve their volleyball skills.  The speed, agility and core training videos will help volleyball players become more explosive and powerful in their vertical jumps by enabling volleyball players to fire muscles with every vertical jump to increase jumping height.  These upper level volleyball drills will increase jumping height as well as train volleyball players to get to the next level.


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