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The Athlete Performance Pack

Trevor Theismann trains all his athletes to become more powerful in the exact same way their sport requires. Quick first step training, explosive sprint speed, and a strong core to put it all together is what the Athlete Performance Pack offers every athlete. Enhanced muscle stimulation with Kbands will increase strength and body control with full range of motion during every workout. The extra resistance will train each athlete to be more explosive and develop power throughout the lower half. Make it easy working with Trevor and the power of Kbands.

(Users 7+ Years of Age)


Become a Better Athlete Today!

Athletes of all ages are looking for the edge above their competition and our Athlete Performance Pack is the answer. Receive one on one training from a Strength Coach in your own living room or wherever you decide to train. This package includes college level test outs, 5 training DVD's, and your very own set of Kbands. Athletes of all ages will become more agile, faster, stronger, and jump higher with improved body control and explosiveness in just 5 WEEKS. Trevor Theismann's formula for success encourages muscle activation in the sport specific fashion you need to enhance your performance fast.


Athlete Performance Pack 5 DVD Collection


Improve your flexibility to help prevent injuries with Trevor Theismann’s stretch routine. Athletes will gain flexibility throughout their entire body with increased range of motion.

Dynamic Warm Up

Get your blood pumping and improve range of motion through a dynamic warm-up. Move through exercises that will challenge coordination and body control.

Core Training

Improve your core strength with Trevor Theismann’s athlete core workouts. In these training sessions athletes will strengthen their core to better transfer energy from their legs throughout their body for maximal athletic performance.

Agility and Vertical

Pick up the pace with Kbands Agility & Vertical Leap. Trevor will increase your body control with quickstep plyometric movements and a sequence of interval agility drills. Also improve your vertical fast with each jump training workout.

Sprint Speed

Trevor’s Sprint Speed sessions will enhance athlete’s ability to accelerate in any position. Learn how to be explosive from the ground, standing, or moving from side to side. Learn proper running form as well as how to generate faster starts using Kbands.

Test Out

Test your skills and watch your strength and speed increase at the end of five weeks. Decrease your 5/10/5 and 40 Yard Dash times with the completion of the program. Each week you will feel faster and stronger.


Athlete Performance Pack

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