Women’s Cardio Circuit For Legs and Arms

Women’s Cardio Circuit For Legs and Arms

1st Nov 2018


Women’s Cardio Circuit For Legs and Arms

If you’re looking to blast calories and increase your cardio get started with this workout. You will need a set of Kbands, dumbbells, and a medball. There will be a combination of lunges, modified squats, and full body movements to get you winded quickly and exercise all the muscles throughout your body.

Form Is Key

Whenever you are completing circuit training, it is important that you still maintain your form. Lunges must be completed with your knee behind your toe, and squats should be completed with your butt moving towards the wall. Learning how to optimize each exercise by targeting specific muscle groups will help increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles.

Ladies Push The Pace

During the video you have witnessed several exercises bundled together. During the circuit you will push through each individual exercise 4 to 5 sets. It doesn’t matter how many repetitions you complete, form is the most important. Keep your body moving and move through each exercise for 30 seconds before moving to the next. Enjoy the work out and I hope you come back to see some more circuit training.

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