Short, High Intensity Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss


Short, High Intensity Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Summer is around the corner, and the best way to get any body ready for beach season is to start in the early spring and choose high intensity cardio workouts that can help both athletes and non-athletes lose weight and build muscle. Cardio workouts for weight loss and body sculpting don’t require hours of investment every day—They just take a few minutes of commitment and proper technique during regular workouts like the one demonstrated in the video below.

For the workout in this video, users will only need an agility ladder, a set of Kbands resistance bands, and a few square feet of floor space. This session requires just a few minutes three or four times per week, and though these moves can be completed during a short lunch break or early in the morning, the workout can be extended as endurance improves and more time becomes available. To really lose weight and build muscle fast, these simple moves should be combined with a healthy low calorie diet high in green vegetables and lean protein. And of course, all cardio workouts for weight loss bring better results when users get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

In the video below, Trevor Theismann from Kbands Training. com will explain the steps and equipment used in this cardio workout. Viewers can incorporate these moves into their own routines as they choose.



Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss: Setting Up and Getting Started

Viewers can start by placing the agility ladder flat on the floor in a living room, gym, or outdoor area. Then the Kbands can be strapped in place around the upper legs. The straps should be wrapped around the leg just above the knee with the metal rings on the outside, and the resistance bands should be clipped to the straps with the short band in front and the long band in back.

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss: Push-Ups

When the ladder and bands are in place, the viewer will begin the routine with a set of simple push-ups. With one hand placed in the first hole of the ladder and the other in the second hole, the viewer can complete one full push up, down to the floor and back. Then he can walk his hands into the next two holes of the ladder, drop down again and push back up. This can continue down five or six rungs and back again. Make sure the distance down the ladder and the distance back are the same so the workout challenges both sides of the body equally.

Technique will be important during this push-up set. With each rep, the shoulders should stay rolled back and the tension of the move should stay concentrated in the front of the chest and the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms. This simple exercise can accomplish three goals: 1.) It increases the range of motion in the upper body, 2.) it improves mobility, which will help maximize the benefits of the next exercise in the set, and 3.) it burns calories efficiently by simultaneously working some of the largest muscle groups in the body.

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss: Focusing on Heart Rate

The next move in this exercise superset can help viewers lose weight and burn muscle by getting the heart moving and pushing the heart rate and metabolism and into the “fat burning zone”. The body enters this zone when the heart is working at roughly 60 percent (or higher) of its maximum rate. So the way to maximize the benefit of this next move will be to focus on high-energy, high-intensity motion driven by the elbows and knees.

Viewers can start this move by standing at the end of the agility ladder and completing a lateral run down the length of the ladder and back again. At each step, the feet should land in the next hole of the ladder without becoming sloppy, missing a rung, stepping on a rung or stepping outside of the ladder’s edges. The more focus viewers place on controlling their foot work and keeping their knees high and fast at each step, the quicker the heart rate will increase and the longer it will stay elevated.

The elbows are important aspect of technique for this move. Elbow motion can have a direct impact on heart rate, which means the higher the elbows rise at each step and the wider the range of motion in the arms, the more calories the user will burn during each minute of this exercise. So from the very first step, viewers should make sure the elbows swing forward and back completely and the knees rise all the way up toward the chest, higher than the level of the hip.

With the Kbands in place throughout this entire exercise set, the tension on the core, hips, and upper legs will be magnified. And since these are the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body, this tension will demand maximum energy from the heart. Though these moves look simple, they place significant strain on the muscle that plays the central role in any weight loss plan: the heart muscle.

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss: Final Notes

Ideally, each rep of this second sequence down the ladder and back should be kept up for a full sixty seconds. The push-up segment of the workout should be completed to failure, or to the point at which the body can no longer do a single additional push up and the arms can’t hold up the weight of the body anymore.

Remember: Working to failure is the key to muscle development, and driving up the heart rate is the key to fat loss. If executed with proper technique and the support of the Kbands resistance training equipment, this simple workout can help users gain the maximum benefits of both.


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