Girls Soccer Conditioning Drill

Girls Soccer Conditioning Drill

26th Oct 2018


Girls Soccer Conditioning Drill

Soccer conditioning is very important for girls soccer players. It is essential that girls complete exercises and conditioning drills in addition to their sports specific training. Having the ability to shoot in the top right corner of the net is very important, but maintaining full output throughout the match will help girls soccer players perform at their best. Let’s break down the drill.

Ladies Move Those Legs

In the video you will notice the soccer player begins in a low stance stretching the resistance bands. Kbands are designed to activate the muscles required to increase your speed. In the video she is in an athletic stance and begins tapping quickly. This rapid response motion will help initiate muscle activation throughout the lower half. By activating these muscle groups soccer players will target fast twitch muscle fibers before they turn and sprint.

Transition And Sprint

After you complete 8 to 10 seconds of the rapid response feet, you will turn in sprint 10 yards. Immediately break down into the patter steps once again. Repeat this motion for 3 to 4 down and back‘s. If you’re looking for more explosiveness, keep the sets relatively short. If you would like to transition this into a conditioning drill to improve your endurance, lengthen the sets and push through the active duration.

Girls Soccer Training

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